Creativity, Confidence, Friendship… It all starts at Gymboree Play & Music!

Our classes utilise a unique and impressive combination of music, movement, props, imaginary exploration and custom-designed and patented gym apparatus, all to create a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive and most importantly have fun.

Our expert teachers support you through 45 minutes of structured activities, exploration, and learning. Our curriculum has been designed by early years childhood experts and psychologists, to challenge your child as they grow at every stage of their development from 0 to 5 years.  Our apparatus set ups  and themes change every two weeks to provide both repetition and new challenges.

We have adapted our classes as set out in our Covid-19 tab, but we promise they will still be lots of fun with social, cognitive and physical development goals at their heart!  Please see our video for details on how we have adapted to our new normal >> Gymboree Bristol new normal video

Open five days a week, our ever popular classes are delivered by our fantastic team at our very own site in Westbury on Trym, complete with a large Car Park.

Click HERE for a link to our class request form, and we will get in contact to offer you a Free trial.

For more information or if you have any questions contact us at 



You can now download directions to our site in Westbury on Trym (BS9) by clicking here

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New September 2020 Timetable!

Gymboree Bristol September 2020 Timetable

Please fill in our trial form or email us at for the latest class availability, or to arrange a Free Trial!


The class levels are explained below.

Note: Baby classes take place in the club house cafe area which is up 1 flight of stairs.  As the cafe is closed this area will be dedicated to baby classes.


How membership works, benefits and fees:

We run a membership system where our members pay monthly.  Unlike many 0-5 classes, Gymboree classes run throughout the year, we only close for a couple of weeks a year (at most) and bank holidays.  Members are entitled to take up to 6 weeks payment holidays across the year, where we pro rate fees if you are away, in order to update our booking system and payments you should give us a month’s notice in advance.

Our membership will ordinarily (pre Covid) include daily open gyms (access to our gym floor 5 days a week, just turn up no need to book) and free make up sessions if you miss a class for any reason.  We believe we provide the best value classes in Bristol!

Our new normal has meant we have had to adapt these benefits.  Open gyms must be pre-booked and numbers will be restricted in line with government guidance.  Make up session can be booked but will depend on availability, if you know you are going to miss a class let us know and we can offer it to another member.  We do have a new membership benefit coming out of lockdown, all new members can join our online facebook group which has over 3 months of classes / sessions from lockdown, alongside story videos and arts activity videos.  Hours of entertainment for your little one!

Our fees include all the above benefits, we have a minimum 2 month membership, so about 8/9 weeks which is comparable to most terms.  We ask you to give us one months notice to leave in order that we can update the booking system, give you a chance to use any make ups, and to cancel payments in good time.

We currently offer:

Play and Learn membership for Levels 2 to 7 including the family class, £37 per month, equating to c£8/9 per week for comparison.  There is a 50% sibling discount.

Baby membership at £35 per month, equating to about £8 per class.

We do offer back to work membership for £26 per month, which is the same as above but only 2 classes in a calendar month, alongside all our other benefits, open gym access, gymbo@home membership.

We run baby massage classes in blocks of 4 weeks (1 hour 15 minutes per session) which are £50, led by Abi who is qualified with the International Association of Infant Massage, (IAIM), the only internationally recognised curriculum.  Not all baby massage classes are the same!

We do not operate pay as you go sessions.

Free trials – We offer free trials so that you can see what Gymboree is all about before joining us.  When we book you into a class for a trial, you are counted as a space in our timetable above, if you join us you can then continue in the class you trialled.  As our class numbers are restricted at present we ask that you confirm if you would like to join the class to the teacher at the end of the session or via email within 24 hours of your trial.  This means if you decide not to join us we can offer the space to the next family on the waiting list.  If you have any questions after your trial please do ask the teacher, or just drop us an email, we are always happy to help!


Our new normal

Please see our video for details on how we have adapted to our new normal at Gymboree Play and Music Bristol >> Click here for the Gymboree Bristol new normal video

At Gymboree Play and Music Bristol yours, your little ones and our staff’s safety is our number one priority. We have in place several safety procedures to ensure we maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene possible. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or to request to view our risk assessments, however below we have listed our main policy points so that you can read and feel reassured before attending our classes.
  • We ask you to stick with the same class each week for the foreseeable future so we can limit the interaction of households.
  • All class arrival times and exit times are staggered to remove crossover between class bubbles.
  • Hand sanitiser is available on entrance and at cleaning stations across the play floor and site. These can be accessed at anytime throughout your class
  • We ask that you bring as few belongings to class as possible to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Each family will have a coat peg and box to store their belongings in the reception area
  • We have limited space for buggies in reception (maximum of 3) and outside under the shelter by our back door.
  • All staff and visitors are asked to have their temperature before entering the building.  Anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed in to class and will have to follow the Government guidance for self isolation.
  • No mobile phone use in class to ensure you can commit to social distancing.
  • Social distancing rules must be adhered to during the class, it is your responsibility to keep your child within an arm’s reach at all times.
  • Each family will be provided with a props bucket for their use throughout the class. Props will not be shared and fully cleaned and sanitised after each use
  • Play floor mats and equipment, as well as all shared spaces including our bathroom and reception area, will be cleaned and sanitised between every session
  • Class numbers will be reduced to adhere to social distancing
  • There will be 1 family per set up on the play floor at all times, rotating throughout the class
  • Staff will wear clear face shields so that the children can still see their smiling faces
  • Our cafe is temporarily closed
  • Open Gym sessions have been reduced and a booking system for attending these will now be in place
  • Every visitor to the building must be pre-booked so that we can control numbers and keep a record for track and trace purposes
  • Windows and our back door (a gate has been put in place) will be open for increased ventilation
  • To reduce the time spent inside we ask that all class booking, absences and payment queries are asked via email or phone
  • All classes will be adapted to exclude:
    • Gymbo stamps
    • Gymbo kisses
    • Some toys and props
    • Blowing bubbles by mouth
We feel these changes are necessary in order for us to keep everyone safe and please do be assured that we are following all guidance very carefully.  We fully appreciate that not having use of the cafe and spontaneous access to open gym sessions will be a change that many of our members will miss and we hope that in time we will be able to return to more ‘normal’ daily routines.

Covid-19 FAQs!

Will classes look and feel the same?
In order to keep everyone safe we have had to adjust our classes slightly but it is important that you know that there will still be all the fun, laughter and games that makes our play floor such a great place for your little ones to enjoy and learn in. During all group time we ask you find yourself a spot to sit on marked out on the mats, these allow you to keep a 2m distance from the other adults in the room. Class sizes will be smaller allowing for you to distance yourself easily. We will still have all the same activities and games in our classes however rather that all going to a set up together, each family will be at their own set up exploring that activity, but don’t worry, during the class you will get to explore all the set ups! Background music will be played at a lower volume and your class teachers will sing less than they used to and at a lower volume.
What about the props and equipment used in classes?
Each child will have their own props bucket, full of goodies that they can use freely throughout the class. As you enter the play floor simply collect yours from the window ledge. At the end of each class these props will be removed from the play floor and sterilised thoroughly. Prop use will be limited, and we will only be offering props that are able to be safely sterilised. The equipment and matts will be cleaned in between every class. We have timetabled a full 30 minutes in between each class to allow for a thorough clean of the play floor. In order to support us with this we ask that you leave the site promptly after class.
How many people can attend class with my child?
For us to maintain distancing within the class setting we must ask that only one adult attends class per child. Older siblings will not be able to attend their younger siblings’ classes for the time being. Younger siblings can attend their older siblings class provided they are always in a sling. We can no longer allow babies to remain in car seats on the play-floor as this will block much needed space on the mats.
Can I bring my baby in their car seat if they are sleeping when I arrive?
For sensory baby play and baby massage classes you will still be welcome to bring car seats in with you if necessary, for sleeping babies. These classes take place in our clubhouse and each baby will have their own mat which will be spaced out at a 2-metre distance so you will have space for your belongings.
What Health and safety measures are you putting in place?
Yours, your little ones, and our staff’s safety has always been our top priority so you can rest assured that we are following the governments guidance to ensure our classes are as safe as they possibly can be. Our staff have all undertaken infection control and covid-19 safety training. Hand sanitiser will be readily available throughout the building, the equipment, props, and touch points will all be cleaned between every session and toilets will be cleaned every hour. Staff will always be wearing face coverings and we will only be able to accept contactless payment for any onsite payments. Our cafe will be closed until further notice and we will not be able to provide gymbo stamps or gymbo stickers to the children. We also ask that we take yours and your little one’s temperatures before attending class each week and please do not attend if you have any covid-19 symptoms. All visitors to the building (staff, members, and new customers) will be required to pre-book and we will be accepting no walk-in visitors to enhance track and trace abilities.
What do I need to do when I arrive?
To ensure the car park and entranceways will not be congested we must ask that you arrive to class no more than 5 minutes prior to the start time. To control this effectively, our main entrance will be locked, and staff will open the doors when it is time for your class. If you arrive early to class, we will ask that you remain in your car where possible until such time as the staff unlock the doors. Upon entering the building you will be required to use the hand sanitiser provided and wear a face covering. Each family will have access to a coat peg and storage box for any belongings to prevent the risk of cross contamination. You will then be required to use the hand sanitiser provided before entering the play floor.
Where can I store my buggy?
It would be great if you could avoid bringing a buggy or pram to class but if this is not possible we have space for 2/3 prams in our reception area or if not they can be left outside under the overhang by our backroom adjacent to the car park.
What do I need to wear and what does my child need to wear?
We must ask that all adults wear a face covering when inside the Gymboree building. Adults must also wear clean socks on the play floor. You will be able to purchase face masks at reception if you forget yours.
Children do not need to wear a face covering and must be in bare feet while on the play floor.
How do I book catch up sessions?
Make up sessions can be booked but depend on class availability and there may be fewer options. To allow us to maximise the opportunity for make ups, please let us know if you cannot attend class so that we can offer the space to another family. We will also share any spaces on the Gymbo@home Facebook group.
How do I book Open Gym Sessions?
We will be gradually introducing open gym sessions back to our timetable and by the beginning of October there will be one a day. To ensure social distancing and for your safety we are significantly reducing the number of children who can attend these sessions and they must be booked in advance. Initially a maximum of one space per family will be available to book per week and booking will be open the Friday of the week before at 9am. We appreciate this is not how we want to operate open gyms but for the time being this is the safest and fairest option. While our benefits have been adapted Gymboree still provides great value for all our members.
Will I Have access to toilets and changing facilities?
Yes! One family can access our bathroom at a time and there is now a high lock on the inside of the door
What have you done to ensure permission to open?
Alongside following government guidelines, we have spoken to trading standards/environmental health, the children’s activity association and our insurance provider and after showing them our risk assessments, our cleaning procedures, and our infection control training qualifications we have been given the green light to open.
What is happening to the ‘Gymbo@home’ Facebook group?
It’s here to stay! All members will be invited to join it., if they are not already. All the content from lockdown will stay so you can continue to access all the fun and games.
If we go into a local lockdown we will upload new content until we are able to open again. We will also post any class vacancies that can be used for make up sessions and open gym availability.
  • Classes will continue to be happy, fun, and as safe as possible!
  • Teachers and adults must wear face coverings
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided and must be used
  • Temperatures will be taken before entering the site
  • Please only arrive 5 minutes prior to your class start time
  • Please bring as few belongings as possible with you
  • Please email with any queries
  • Each child will have their own bucket of props
  • When starting class please find a dot on the mats with your child, 2 metres apart from other adults.
  • Only one adult can attend class per child and siblings are not permitted to attend classes (unless a baby in a sling)
  • Only one family per set up at a time
  • We will work together to ensure social distancing
  • Open gyms sessions must be Pre booked – no walk ins can be accepted

Gymboree Classes offer unrivalled flexibility, attend a class that works for you, at a time that works for you each week.

Bristol IAIM Infant Massage A4 Brochure

Membership T&Cs.


All our members can also join Gymbo@home via our facebook group as part of their membership.  This group is available to all our members and includes access to over 5 months worth of activities and recorded classes!

Normal price for Gymbo@Home is £15 per month.

Meet the team!

At Gymboree Bristol we have a super talented and dedicated team who want to make your experience the best possible.  Here is a little more about the team in their own words!

Meet Abi

I have had the pleasure of being the Franchisee for Gymboree Play and Music Bristol for the last two and a half years, and it’s been quite the adventure!

I am a mum to three little girls and my first Gymbo experience was 6 years ago when we came to a friends first birthday, and from that moment I knew Gymboree was the only class for us. All three of my girls have been Gymboree babies, working their way through the levels, attending baby massage courses and having so much fun. I’ve seen first hand the impact our classes can have on a child both physically and cognitively and what a safe and fun place it is to be. My second little girl has Down Syndrome and the impact Gymboree has had on her development has been amazing.

I’ve always loved working with children and before Gymboree I was a deputy head in a primary school. There are too many years to mention but during my time as a teacher I’ve taught all years from reception to year 6. It was a job I absolutely loved and never expected to leave but my whilst on maternity leave the opportunity to run Gymboree came up. It was an opportunity I could not walk away from and I’ve not looked back.  As an experienced teacher I am a huge advocate of the Gymboree early years curriculum and I especially enjoy running our school skills class!

I am very proud of our enthusiastic, talented and dedicated Bristol team who ooze all things Gymbo from every pore!  Getting to meet so many wonderful families and see their little ones develop in so many ways…first rolls, steps, claps, jumps will always be such a privilege to witness.  No day is ever the same but they are always full of smiles!


Meet Polly

I have worked at Gymboree for 2 and half years, and I absolutely love working here!

I feel so special to get to be a part of little ones’ early lives; watching them grow, learn new skills and hit new milestones is such a precious thing that I get to share with the families that come to Gymboree.

Getting to be involved in their development is such an amazing experience, from bonding with the children and grownups, to watching their personalities grow and blossom. Each day so many things amaze me, I am constantly laughing and beaming with joy at the sweet, cheeky, mischievous and curious characters that I see!

I have a BA Hons in Professional Musicianship – Song writing and love being able to bring all my Musical and Performance knowledge to my day-to-day life at Gymbo! Outside of Gymbo I run my own Music Business as a Professional Singer, Musician and Manager (I play Guitar, Ukulele, Bass and Basic Piano too!)

Some personal highlights, performing arts wise, have to be performing at Glastonbury, The Edinburgh Fringe, The National Theatre and Latitude!

I used to Teach Music at a Primary School to Reception, Year 3 and Year 4 classes, and also taught at a Performing Arts School for 4-6yrs, but Early Years is definitely where my true passion lies!

I love coming to work, for me it’s exciting when Monday morning comes around, and I’m very lucky to have such an amazing team to work with too!

Meet Vince

I’ve worked at Gymboree for just over 5 and a half years! I absolutely love working at Gymboree and there are so many incredible parts to my job presenting challenges and rewards in equal measure. Each day and class are always full of surprises and keep me on my toes, with the children always making sure I’m ready to improvise or adapt to new suggestions and scenarios within the current theme. It’s also an absolute delight getting to know the children and families and see their incredible development throughout their membership over the months and years. To be so directly involved in such a crucial part of their development is a really amazing experience and I feel extremely lucky to be able to help them as they reach their milestones.

Outside of Gymboree I teach violin during the week and perform in my band Imprints, gigging regularly throughout the year at various festivals and venues including Glastonbury for the first time in 2019! I started my band back when I was at University in Falmouth where I earned my BA Hons in Theatre: Performance. I learnt so much during my degree, honing and perfecting my performance skills of which nearly all can be applied to my role here at Gymboree. I’d say it was a perfect fit.

It’s been such a pleasure to work at Gymboree, and here’s to many more years with Gymbo and the awesome team in Bristol!

Reviews for Gymboree Play and Music Bristol

Check out some of the reviews we have had from our lovely customers.

“I’m so so pleased I found Gymboree. My shy little 20 month old absolutely loves it there and the staff are so fantastic with him- he really is blossoming there and thoroughly enjoys classes as well as the open gym. The open gym especially has been brilliant for me whilst heavily pregnant- he can burn off some energy in a very safe environment, only 5 minutes from our house. Thank you! Especially to Vince and Polly.”

“We love our weekly classes at Gymboree and the open gym is great too! All the members of staff are lovely and the cafe is good for a nice coffee after class. There is such a welcoming environment and everyone we meet is so friendly.”

“Thank you Gymboree for my children’s birthday party yesterday. My 1 and 3 year old had the best time and all our friends and family loved it! Polly was amazing with all the children and the party tea was spot on. I cannot recommend gymboree more highly, excellent weekly classes and the perfect party venue.”

“I bring my 2.5yr old and 13 month old to Gymboree and they love it! I have a very shy older child and no fear boisterous youngest. The classes cater for both and the instructors adapt to their needs. We love dressing up for the themed parties. My girls don’t go to nursery or a childminder, so Gymboree is a fab opportunity to mix with other kids and adults. Thoroughly recommend to everyone and wish we found it sooner”

“I have been taking my son to gymboree since he was 5.5 months old. He is now almost 11 months old and we have just stopped as I am about to go back to work. My son and I have loved every minute. It has been our favourite class and we are both sad not to be able to attend anymore!

Polly and Vince are great, and my son loved them both (and gymbo of course)! The open gym sessions are brilliant, especially with a mobile baby – it certainly helps to burn off some energy. All of the parents I have encountered have been really friendly.

My son has learnt a lot from these classes and I feel it has helped him to develop and progress. I would recommend gymboree to everyone.”


Hoop Awards

We are so excited to announce that we are the runners up in both the “Best for Babies” and “Best for Learning” in the 2019 Hoop awards for Bristol and Bath!  Thank you for your vote!  Well done to Bristol Museum for pipping us to the top spot!

Gymbo’s Clubhouse (Our café will remain temporarily closed)

Not only do we offer award winning classes for the 0 – 5s but we also have a fabulous child friendly café.  Lots of role play fun for our little ones!  Is it a Tee Pee, or maybe a space rocket? Time to make lunch in the café, build a house, go for a drive or try your hand at interior design!

We have a scrumptious range of drinks, cakes and snacks and cater for a range of dietary requirements.  Of course you can bring your little’s one’s snacks to enjoy after class and relax with classmates.

If you need a snack we offer hot toast, crumpets, pancakes with a range of toppings, along with crisps and snack bars. If your little one needs a bite to eat we have a range of meal and fruit pouches to keep them going.

If you fancy something sweet our delicious range of cakes include brownies, flapjacks and the ever popular caramel slice.  They really are mouth watering!

And then to top it all off, all our staff are trained to make you a wonderful relaxing coffee.  From espresso to cappuccino the choice is yours.

Gymbo’s Cafe is open 10-3 Monday to Friday and 10-11:45 on Saturday.

Our cafe is open to everyone (you do not need to be a member) so if you need a place to meet where you know your little ones can play safely and where you can enjoy a drink and cake and chat with friends, look no further than Gymbo’s Café


cakes - yummy

Check out Bristol Mums visits to Gymboree Play and Music Bristol

Bristol Mum Article May 2018

Bristol Mum Article January 2018 – A hidden gem in Westbury on Trym!


  • We’re in the Finals!

    10. September 2020

    We’re thrilled to be in the finals of the What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2020!In the finals of What's On 4 Kids Awards 2020 logo

    Thanks to your votes we’ve made it through to the finals in the following categories:

    • Most Loved Sport or Physical Activity, Franchisor or Independent with 20+ Leaders
    • Most Loved Baby Activity, Franchisor or Independent with 6 – 30 Leaders

    And Aaron from Gymboree Play & Music Chiswick has made it through to the finals of:

    • Most Loved Activity Leader or Business Manager, London

    Congratulations Aaron, you deserve it! 🥳🎉👏

    We’re so grateful for all your votes, we understand thousands of you voted and many categories were really close!

    So thank you so much for all your support in 2020, it’s been such a difficult year for us all and we’re thrilled to know you’ve enjoyed your face-to-face and online classes.  We loved producing Gymbo @ Home for you during Lockdown, but we must admit, it’s great to be back on the playfloor 😍

    Hip hip hooray!!


  • The latest Government announcement

    10. September 2020

    Hello Gymboree Play & Music families,

    We just wanted to reassure you that following the latest Government announcement regarding the rules around ‘social gatherings’ in England changing from Monday, your Gymboree Play & Music classes will still be going ahead.

    • Gymboree Play & Music is a work setting providing educational classes for pre-school children in our ‘Covid-secure’ venues.
    • Our Play Policies have been updated to keep everyone safe whilst they enjoy their Gymboree Play & Music classes.
    • The safety of you, our members; your little ones, and our staff, continues to be our number one priority.

    Please contact your local centre if you have any questions; or book a free trial today!

    We thank you for choosing Gymboree Play & Music, and we look forward to seeing you and your little ones at your next class.

    Love all at Gymboree Play & Music

    Play Policies diagram
  • We’re Back!

    14. August 2020

    It’s been such a long time, but after what seems like months and months, we’re back!  But we’re coming back slowly and carefully.Infection control training certificate

    Each of our centres has been going through a very thorough process of risk assessments, training, rearranging, planning, cleaning, and general hoop-jumping to get ready for this very exciting time. We were not going to re-open until we were sure we could keep our members and teams safe whilst still providing you with the classes that you love.

    As a result, we have redesigned our Play Policies to make sure our centres are ‘covid-secure’ so expect to see one-way systems, thermometers, hand sanitiser, face coverings, smaller classes, fewer props, ‘bubbled’ classes, and lots of cleaning!

    Furthermore all of our centre owners have completed Infection Control for Children’s Activities Providers training designed by the Children’s Activities Association and Mini First Aid Feel free to ask to see their certificate!

    But we’re finally here!  A few of our centres have re-opened already and many more will be opening in the coming weeks.

    Whether you’re already a member or new to the Gymboree Play & Music family, get in touch with your local centre now to find out when they’re opening, and book your place.

    We’d love to see you very soon 🥰🙏

  • Please vote! What’s on 4 Kids Awards 2020

    10. August 2020
    What's On 4 Kids Awards 2020 voting open header

    Please vote for us in the What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2020!

    The What’s On 4 Kids Awards are very special to us because they’re voted for by you, our customers and friends, so we love it when our efforts are recognised 😍

    This year we’re thrilled to be nominated in the following categories:

    • Most Loved Sport or Physical Activity – Franchisor or Independent, Taught by 20+ Leaders
    • Most Loved Baby Activity – Franchisor or Independent, Taught by 6 to 29 Leaders
    • Most Loved Activity Leader or Business Manager, London
      • Aaron Barriscale, Gymboree Play & Music Chiswick
      • Lucy Gill, Gymboree Play & Music Kensington
    • Most Loved Activity Leader or Business Manager, South East England
      • Lucy Gill, Gymboree Play & Music Tunbridge Wells
    Gymbos Tea Party pic Gymbos Sports Day pic Gymbo on Holiday pic Gymbo Fest pic

    We know 2020 hasn’t been a normal year, and you haven’t been able to come to see Gymbo in our centres as much as we would all have loved.  We’ve had so much fun delivering Gymbo @ Home for you to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own home, and we hope it’s helped you, even just a little bit, during these very testing times.

    You haven’t got long, voting closes this Friday 14th August at 12 noon, so please do it now!

    Please vote for us in the What’s On 4 Kids Awards 2020!

    Thank you for your continued support, we are so very grateful 🙏

  • Our new normal

    29. July 2020
    picture of girl getting the venue ready

    As some of our branches get the final nod to open their doors we need to outline what the ‘new normal’ will look like at Gymboree Play & Music.

    Making sure our customers and staff are safe in a post Covid-19 world is the most important part of this process for us and as such we’ve had to make some changes.  Specifics may change slightly depending on which Gymboree Play & Music you visit, but these new Play Policies will be followed by all.

    • We may have to adapt the timetable to allow for fewer classes and more time in between. Check with your local Gymboree Play & Music for class times.
    • We have reduced the sizes of all classes.
    • We ask you to stick with the same class/es each week for the foreseeable future so we can limit the interaction of households.
    • Please wait outside whilst previous members leave and cleaning is completed. You will need to respect social distancing rules whilst you queue.
    • There will be a one way system in and out of the venue.
    • Everyone will have their temperature taken when they arrive.  Anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed in to class and will have to follow the Government guidance for self isolation.
    • All children and adults will have to wash their hands on arrival and at the end of class.
    • All adults must wear clean socks.
    • No mobile phone use in class to ensure you can commit to social distancing.
    • All adults will need to wear face coverings, our teachers will wear appropriate PPE.
    • Social distancing rules must be adhered to during the class, it is your responsibility to keep your child within an arm’s reach at all times.
    • There will be a longer than usual 30 minute slot between all classes to allow for increased cleaning measures during which time you will not be allowed inside.
    • We will be singing less in class and will use quiet recorded music instead to ensure no raised voices.
    • You will not be able to share toys between households, they will be allocated on arrival.
    • There will be no free flow play, just structured classes.
    • You will need to commit to the same class/es each week to allow us to maintain class bubbles as much as possible.
    • We will adapt all classes to exclude:
      • Gymbo stamps
      • Gymbo kisses
      • Some toys and props
      • Blowing bubbles by mouth

    We hope you understand the need for a ‘new normal’ in these times and we assure you our classes will still be lots of fun with social, cognitive and physical development goals at their heart! Have a look at the video on our homepage to see how it will all look.

    Thank you for your understanding 🙏❤

    graphic explaning new play policies



  • Win a Joe Wicks and Gymbo Bundle!

    20. July 2020
    Gymbo with Wean in 15 book

    We are super excited to announce that we have teamed up with everyone’s favourite PE teacher Mr Joe Wicks to celebrate the launch of his book Wean in 15!  The best bit? We’re offering you the chance to win a signed copy and £100 worth of Gymboree Play & Music vouchers!*

    To enter, hop over to Instagram!

    In the meantime here’s a yummy recipe for Joe’s Very Green Curry to get the juices flowing!

    Life is so much easier when one meal can be shared by the whole family. This is a great one for batch cooking and enjoying together.


    • 3 kaffir lime leavesvery green curry
    • 2 large handfuls of spinach
    • 25g bunch of coriander, including stems
    • 4 spring onions, roughly chopped
    • 4cm piece of fresh ginger, peeled
    • 2 cloves garlic
    • 1 x 400ml tin of coconut milk
    • 1 tbsp coconut oil
    • 2 chicken breasts, sliced into thin pieces
    • 1 large courgette, cut into bite-sized chunks
    • 6 baby sweetcorn, cut into small rounds
    • 200g frozen peas cooked jasmine rice, to serve
    1. Strip out the stems from the lime leaves and discard.
    2. Add the leaves to a blender along with the spinach, coriander leaves and stems, spring onions, ginger, garlic and coconut milk. Blend until smooth.
    3. Melt the coconut oil in a large frying pan set over a medium heat. Add the chicken pieces and fry for 3 minutes until cooked through. Check by slicing into one of the larger pieces to make sure the meat is white all the way through, with no raw pink bits left. Add the courgette and corn and cook for a further 3 minutes.
    4. Pour the green sauce into the frying pan along with the peas and heat through for about 5 minutes or until the peas are defrosted and the vegetables have softened a little. Serve with jasmine rice.

    Keeps for 2 days covered in the fridge.

    If you’re not the lucky winner you can still buy Joe Wicks’ Wean in 15 from Amazon 🙂

    *T&Cs apply, hop over to Instagram for details. Gymboree Play & Music vouchers can be spent on classes or merchandise and can be gifted.






  • Gymbo Fest

    26. June 2020
    Gymbo at a festival

    It’s festival time!  Join us all day on Facebook on Thursday 2nd July at 10am for Gymbo Fest, a collection of fun and informative sessions for you and your little ones 0-5 years old!  We’ve asked our friends from the worlds of health, sleep, fitness, cakes, first aid, and storytelling to come along and entertain and inform you.

    Time Session
    10:00 Welcome to Gymbo Fest with Lucy
    10:05 Gymbo Fest Fun with Steph
    10:45 Festival Fitness with Yes Jess Fitness
    11:30 Preventing Choking in Little Ones with Kate from Mini First Aid
    12:00 Powex 3 Bodyweight Exercises for All Levels with Melissa
    13:00 Let’s Talk about Sleep with Kate from Sleep Time Baby
    14:15 Cake Decorating for LIttle Ones with Piped Blooms
    14:45 Helping Mums get Stronger in Mind, Body & Soul with Heather Keats
    15:30 Pilates for All with Sasha Dance & Pilates
    16:30 Gymbo’s Festival Rave with Steph
    17:00 Storytime with Warrior Worrier

    It’s a free event, just pop along to the Facebook event, and join in throughout the day!

    Yes Jess logo

    Yes Jess Fitness – I am a Personal Trainer based in St. Albans. My mission is to help you, by making exercise a fun & exciting habit. I’m very focused & will prepare a programme that guides you through coaching sessions with me, but also motivates you for those additional workout days where you train on your own. Let’s face it – You’ll see great results if you are prepared to step out of your comfort zone.

    Mni First Aid logo

    Mini First Aid are delighted to be supporting Gymbo Fest with a short first aid talk on preventing choking in little ones.  Choking is such an emotive subject for parents of little ones.  Mini First Aid train 1000s of families each week in essential first aid and have been saving lives through this teaching for the last 6 years.  Join Kate, mum of 6 (!) for this informative live session.

    Powex logo

    Powex – I am Melissa, a personal trainer with a difference.  I aim to work in a holistic way, considering both physical and mental wellbeing that will work for you.  I do not encourage extreme or drastic changes as they do not last long term.  I have years of experience in supporting people within the mental health sector in making changes.  I aim to use my psychology and nursing background, CBT and DBT techniques with fitness principles to support you in your journey to finding a balanced life.

    Sleep Time Baby – Top Tips and tricks to get your little one sleeping better (between 0-6yrs!)Sleep Time Baby logo




    Piped Blooms logo

    At Piped Blooms we have combined our obsession with cupcakes and flowers to bring you cupcake bouquets and boxes decorated with our trademark buttercream floral designs. Imagine a bouquet that you can actually eat! Our bouquets and boxes are perfect for gifts and special events or as a little treat for yourself. 


    Heather Keats logo

    Heather Keats, founder of Heather Keats Health & Fitness for Mums , is an ex-maternity nurse turned Personal Trainer with a mission to support mums to take time out from their busy lives in the pursuit of health and happiness. Heather takes a nurturing, holistic approach to health and fitness and in the free 30 minute live session she’ll be taking you through a short guided workout, focusing on core strength & flexibility, suitable for all levels. Plus she’ll end with some much needed relaxation. There will also be the opportunity to get access to a free 5 day Healthy Mum Meal Plan.

    Sasha logo

    Sasha Dance & Pilates – Come and join me and Gymbo for this 30 mins class which is suitable for everyone! It will leave you feeling energised and ready to face the day and weekend ahead! You can do this with your children or find some important ‘me time’ to stretch, relax and focus the mind. We hope you enjoy! Warrior Worrier pic

    Warrior Worrier – Gather your own little Warrior’s and join local author Katy Sumption at 5pm as she reads through her uplifting mental health picture book live. Let’s encourage all of our little ones to talk openly.

    Big Gymbo thank yous to all our presenters!

    Don’t worry if you miss any of the sessions, you’ll be able to catch up as they’ll all be available to view afterwards.

    Enjoy! 🎪🎭🧘‍♀️🤹‍♀️🤸‍♀️🍰👶


  • We’re getting ready to re-open!

    15. June 2020
    image of child getting ready

    UPDATE: Further to Boris’ announcement on 23rd June, we are still waiting for a date to open.  No Gymboree Play & Music sites will open on the 4th July and we will provide further information about opening as soon as we can.

    We hope you and your families have been keeping well during these difficult times. At Gymboree Play & Music, we are obviously concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and have been watching the Government and industry guidance closely. For over 43 years, we have been providing world class programmes for children, and your continued trust in our brand is a priority. As such, following current Government guidelines, we are working on opening some of our sites from 4th July 2020, however this is subject to change.

    We have upgraded our cleaning procedures in all of our locations beyond our already stringent practices. We ask you to help us by:

    • washing you and your little ones’ hands before and after class
    • staying home if sick or not feeling well
    • monitoring anything that has been placed in your child’s mouth
    • respecting social distancing
    • wearing a face covering during class (adults only)

    Further to these increased hygiene policies, we’re also changing our teaching activities;

    • we’ve removed some props from the classroom
    • instrument exploration, tactile table, play dough and other direct contact activities have been removed
    • we are spraying down our crayons with alcohol
    • no Gymbo kisses or Gymbo stamps.

    While we can’t eliminate all potential exposures, we can keep our sites clean and limit your exposure while enjoying our classes. Our families have trusted us for decades for our cleaning standards and excellent programming and we are continuing this legacy of trust.

    We want to make sure that your children have a proper allotted time for physical, emotional and cognitive growth all year round, and as such we have a flexible make up policy so please can we ask that you only attend class when you and your children are healthy.

    At Gymboree Play & Music, we want our families to STAY HEALTHY and PLAY HEALTHY now and throughout the year!

    Please do get in touch with your local branch to discuss their re-opening plans and reserve a space in their classes.


  • Gymbo on Holiday

    12. June 2020
    pic of Gymbo on holiday

    Dads, this one’s for you!  (Or anyone else who fancies joining in the fun on Fathers’ Day!)

    We know you can’t come to us right now, but we can come to you with Gymbo on Holiday, a LIVE and INTERACTIVE session straight from the comfort and safety of your home!

    Join us on our Facebook page on Father’s Day, Sunday 21st June 2020 at 10:00am for lots of fun for all babies and children 0-5 years old 🏖.

    Our FREE, fun-filled session will be full of song and dance, puppetry, reading and movement games.  You can get creative by setting up your very own beach scene in your home or garden, and get ready to join in the fun!  Watch out for updates online to get ready to play.

    Gymboree Play & Music want this chance to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been joining us online. We miss you all very much!  As a network of small family-run businesses your support at this time is vital, and greatly appreciated. We have been working hard to bring Gymbo @ Home to our customers, bringing live action and pre-recorded class activities to you via a secure online environment. Gymbo on Holiday is the perfect introduction if you haven’t already joined us!

    Contact your local centre if you have any questions about your membership or want to access Gymbo @ Home where you can keep in touch with the team and your fellow Gymboree Play & Music families.

    Click ‘going’ so we know if you’re coming, and we’ll see you very soon ❤

    Love, Gymbo x



  • Gymbo’s Sports Day

    19. May 2020
    Gymbo's sports day

    We know you can’t come to us right now, but we can come to you with Gymbo’s Sports Day, a LIVE and INTERACTIVE session straight from the comfort and safety of your home!

    Join us on our Facebook page on Friday 22nd May 2020 at 10:30am for sporty fun for all babies and children 0-5 years old 🥎🏏🏓⚽.

    Our FREE, fun-filled session will be full of song and dance, puppetry, reading and movement games.  You can get creative and join in the fun by setting up your very own sports day in your home or garden, and get ready to play!  Watch out for updates online to get ready to play.

    Gymboree Play & Music want this chance to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s been joining us online. We miss you all very much!  As a network of small family-run businesses your support at this time is vital, and greatly appreciated. We have been working hard to bring Gymbo @ Home for our customers, bringing live action and pre-recorded class activities to you via a secure online environment. Gymbo’s Sports Day is the perfect introduction if you haven’t already joined us!

    Contact your local centre if you have any questions about your membership or want to access Gymbo @ Home where you can keep in touch with the team and your fellow Gymboree Play & Music families.

    Click ‘going’ so we know if you’re coming, and we’ll see you very soon ❤

    Love, Gymbo x



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