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Following government guidance, Gymboree Play & Music  East Dulwich will be closed from 20th December 2020. We appreciate your continued support.


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Gymboree is welcomig you to our new “Normal”, we had to implement a few changes as part of our new policies that you wil find on our website, on our walls and you can ask anytime to nay of our friendly caring and loving teacher and they wil be happy to go through them!




Welcome to Gymboree Play and Music East Dulwich!!

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At Gymboree Play & Music our focus is on encouraging and nurturing your little one in every aspect of their development, with you right by their side.

We offer educationally engaging classes for newborns – 3.5 yrs. Our programme is movement based encouraging both mental and physical development, whilst having fun! Classes focus on child led exploration in a nurturing and safe environment.

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Gymboree Play and Learn East Dulwich is open Monday – Friday and Saturday mornings. Other times we’re busy with parties! View our current timetable from the timetable TAB.

Free Parking & Gymboree Play and Learn entrance – our entrance is on “The Gardens” next to “The Gardens Dental Practice.” There’s free parking in the surrounding residential streets, and we provide buggy parking.

Cafe G. provides great coffee and baked goods from local artisan suppliers. There’s a great selection of Breakfast and Lunch items for adults and children.



Sensory Baby Play: 0 – 6 months**: we’re working on becoming calm, attentive and interested in the world through visual, tactile and auditory exploration. (**recommended age 10/12 weeks old.)

Level 2: 6 – 10 months: we begin acting with purpose and intention; by exploring cause and effect. We build core strength through rocking, ramps and Nursery rhymes.  Little ones should be sitting up unassisted.
Level 3: 10 – 16 months: we work on becoming skilled in back and forth communication, by interacting more with other children. We work on balance, co-ordination and strength. Little ones should be pulling up to stand and cruising.

Level 4: 16 – 22 months: we start figuring out how the world works through problem solving. The class also uses opposite concepts to build language development.  Little ones should be confident on their feet.
Level 5/6: 22 – 28 months: we use words and symbols to express thoughts and ideas. Expression is encouraged through simple imaginative play using themes such as trains, firemen or butterflies.  Little ones should be using words of symbols to express themselves.

We understand that everyone’s development is different, and the age ranges for the classes act as guides. When we hear from you we will ensure we find the right class for you and your child.

Gymboree Play and Learn East Dulwich is open 52 weeks of the year excluding Public holidays.

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We currenlty are unable to take any party booking following new government regulation! Looking forward to be able to host your party very soon again!

Thinking of having a Birthday Party?  Did you know that you can hire our entire site on Saturdays (from 2pm) or all day on Sundays?

Led by one of our enthusiastic teachers, parties can be catered to your children’s age and interests and include songs, music, games and our famous parachute and bubbles! Full details can be found on our Party Brochure below along along with FAQ’s and catering options.

East Dulwich Party Brochure

Birthday Party FAQs

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  • You call that a mess?

    10. March 2021
    Nimble and Gymboree Play & Music

    You call that a mess?

    We’re super excited to share that we have teamed up with Nimble, safe and effective plant-based cleaning products inspired by the messy moments parents face every day.

    Founded by a chemist and a dad, Nimble make a range of cleaning products to reduce stress around mess for every parent.  Their powerful and safe solutions use precise, gentle chemistry, no animal testing, and are 100% vegan.  Just the exact ingredients you need for an effective clean, and plant-based power you can count on.

    messy children

    We’re both all about creating safe environments for your little ones to play, learn and explore in and we know only too well that this often ends up in a whole lot of messiness.

    We have some exciting activities planned together but to start we wanted to celebrate the chaotic mess that only our little ones can make as they start to explore the world, express themselves, and build their confidence.  Whether that’s splashing in some puddles, or trying a new food or hands-on art activity, let’s make some mess this March!

    Share a snap of your little one at their messiest best for a chance to win plant-based cleaning bundles from Nimble (to clean up after the fun) or one month’s membership at your local Gymboree Play & Music.

    Just hop over to Instagram to get involved.  After all, it’s the messy moments that make a big life!


  • Fingers crossed for 12th April!

    3. March 2021
    light at the end of the tunnel image

    UPDATE – it’s go go go for Monday 12th April so get in touch with your local centre to book your little one in!

    So if everything goes to plan we should be re-opening our doors in England on 12th April – fingers crossed!  Hopefully our centres in Scotland should be able to open around the same time, but no specific dates have been published yet.

    It’s been such a roller coaster of a ride over the last year and we’ve missed seeing you and your little ones so much, but we hope you’ve kept safe and well at home.  Lots of our centres are still offering Gymbo @ Home so do get in touch with your local branch to find out more about our short, pre-recorded and live action videos delivered via Facebook.  We’ve also been running a series called Practise @ Home on our main Facebook and Instagram accounts showing you how you can practise key movement skills in the safety of your own home, so do look out for that!

    When we do re-open we’ll be sticking with our new play policies including face coverings, social distancing, smaller class sizes, and lots of cleaning, so we can continue to keep our staff and members safe.  We hope you’ll feel happy to come back to class when we do open.  But if last time is anything to go by demand will be high and our classes will fill up quickly, so if you’re an existing member do get in touch with your local centre very soon to reserve your place in class.  And if you’re yet to come to a Gymboree Play & Music class and want to know what all the fuss is about enquire now and get booked in for a trial class!

    Fingers crossed 🤞

    not long to go graphic
  • Benefits of the Tubee

    29. January 2021
    benefits picture

    Introducing Gymboree Play & Music’s famous Tubee!

    This firm air-filled ring is used in our classes for tummy time, sitting in, jumping in and out, crawling through, and peek-a-boo!

    The Benefits

    • Sense of space
      • Developing a sense of space is a vital component for any baby or toddler so they can confidently move through their many milestones. Our Tubee is an excellent piece of equipment for this from birth to age five. It can be used in the early stages for sitting inside and feeling the space around them, we can then turn it on its side to create a tunnel, or for older ones use it to jump inside from a distance. Learning the size of the space will enable little ones to explore freely and succeed at completing different tasks!Tubee
    • Body control
      • Body control is vital for all stages of life and to start from birth with developing this skill really will give your baby the best start in life. We help little ones develop their body control with tummy time, by placing baby on the edge and encouraging them to hold up their head. You can also place a toy inside it and encourage them to reach and grab. For our older ones they may lift the Tubee above their head or dive through the centre of it, both of these activities require the body control learnt at a younger age.
    • Object permanence
      • Object permanence is the understanding that objects can continue to exist even when they are out if sight. A great example of this would be to show your little one a ball then place it inside the Tubee. The height of it will make it seem as if the ball has disappeared. The game can continue as your little ones begin to explore inside of the Tubee for what they can no longer see.
    • Imagination
      • As your little one continues to grow throughout their Gymboree Play & Music journey we will start to work on building their imagination play.  The best bit of this is you get to play too, after all parents are always their favourite playmate! Our Tubee may be a watering hole in the jungle, a giant cup of tea to dunk our biscuits in, or even a bath tub! The possibilities are endless.
    • Confidence
      • Confidence is one of the biggest and most important lessons we aim to teach at Gymboree Play & Music as it’s the foundation for your little one to always try new things. With a Tubee we can do this by sitting baby on the edge and bouncing them up high letting them feel the motion and be confident their grown-up has them safe. A toddler may throw a bean bag from a distance miss a few times but when they achieve it their confidence will grow.Drawing of the Tubee
    • Sense of touch
      • Touch is such a vital part of little ones’ development. Little ones can touch the Tubee and feel the smooth vinyl cover, and how firm it is because it’s air-filled. We can use it to hold lots of different tactile objects and young babies placed around the edge can reach in and explore. With older ones we can ask them to distinguish the difference eg. fill it with hard playballs or spiky playballs, asking them to use their sense of touch to spot the difference.
    • Depth perception
      • Depth perception is an important skill to learn in order to keep themselves safe, for example when identifying edges and drops. This will start by baby sitting inside the Tubee crawling through then eventually jumping in and knowing the depth is safe for them to do so.
    • Upper body strength
      • This skill is vital for little ones to develop so they can at first crawl, pull themselves up, and roll over. Then to cruising around the edges of equipment before mastering tough tasks such as climbing to big heights or the monkey bars.  Little ones can use the edge of the Tubee to lift up their heads and for tummy time, then pushing off of it to stand. Older ones can work with a friend to roll it across the playfloor, build high in a tower, or even lift it above their heads!

    That’s the end of this series, the Benefits of our Equipment, we hope you’ve found it useful and interesting. We’d love to hear about your little ones’ favourites in the comments below.  If you’re not already a member and have felt inspired to come along, get in touch with your local centre to find out more!

    Back to the Short Slide.

  • Benefits of our Short Slide

    28. January 2021
    benefits picture

    Introducing Gymboree Play & Music’s Short Slide!

    This short, smooth, wooden ramp is used in our classes for climbing, balancing on, cruising around, and obvious sliding down.

    The Benefits

    • Sense of balance
      • Balance is a staple part of your child’s development, it refers to the ability to keep a controlled position or posture when completing a task. This could be sitting, walking, and of course climbing. Our short slide allows babies from newborn up to pre-schoolers to practice these skills by sitting on it, climbing on or even across it as it as it also doubles up as a bridge. short slide as a bridge
    • Body control
      • Our short slide is excellent for working on body control for your little ones. In our sensory class we will lie little one on a soft blanket and gently pull them down whilst supporting their torso. As they get older they’ll sit with support, then ultimately they’ll slide independently. We will also explore tummy time and climbing up it to improve body control. Using a piece of equipment such as our short slide is so important in early life as it supports baby gaining the strength to hold their head up. It’s the foundation on which the development of all your baby’s other movement is based.
    • Hand-feet co-ordination
      • Really young non-mobile babies can work on their hand and feet co-ordination when we place them on top of the slide and hold a favourite toy just out of reach and encourage them to move gently towards it. When they start crawling they can move up the slide or use it as a bridge.  When they get to their feet they can also cruise around the edge or our short slide.  With older ones we can also encourage stomping and clapping at the same time as they slide or climb. Having good hand and feet co ordination is vital for your little one to reach all their milestones and our short slide is an excellent starting point.
    • Gross motor development
      • To develop gross motor skills your little one needs to engage in activates that involve movements of the large muscles of the arms, legs and their torso. Our short slide is excellent for this for little ones of all ages, and we can always increase the challenge by adding a mat for speed or adjusting the height higher or lower.
    • Bilateral co-ordinationDrawing of our Short Slide
      • Bilateral co-ordination refers to the ability to co-ordinate both sides of the body at the same time, for example crawling and walking. Most little ones begin to master the art of walking from roughly a year onwards but in fact we encourage crawling for all ages on our short slide regardless if they are walking or not as crawling helps to develop the foundations necessary for future activities such as reading, writing, and physical activities.
    • Sense of touch
      • Touch is one of your baby’s key senses, especially in the early weeks of their lives.  We use the short slide as a platform for sensory stations, adding on various textures and sensory objects so little ones can really start to explore with them. As your little one grows throughout the programme we may add in questioning such as ‘can you pick out the spiky ball?’ or ‘where’s the soft duck?’ so they start to distinguish the difference between objects.

    Back to our Rainbow Barrel.  Next up it’s our Tubee!

  • Benefits of our Rainbow Barrel

    27. January 2021
    benefits picture

    Introducing Gymboree Play & Music’s famous Rainbow Barrel!

    This large, soft, tactile tunnel is used in our classes for pushing, rolling, rocking, crawling in, sitting in.

    The Benefits

    • Sense of balance
      • Our exciting Rainbow Barrel can be used to help develop your child’s balance from a very young age. We can place little babies on their tummy supporting them around their torsos. As they grow we can progress this to sitting with support, to eventually being able to do so independently. Balance is a key part of your little one’s development and they will need it in all areas of life, for example standing on one leg to dress themselves, or climbing up and down stairs with no railing.
    • Core strength
      •  Core strength is the development of the torso muscles that stabilise, centre, and move the trunk of the body. Lack of core strength can contribute to things such as poor posture which in turn can affect gross motor and fine motor skills. We use our Rainbow Barrel to encourage little babies to do tummy time, then progress to sitting, then they use it as a giant walker, before finally pushing it using their core strength from one side of the room to to the other!
    • Sense of safety
      • Our Rainbow Barrel is a very sturdy piece of equipment with a smooth vinyl finish. It can take up to two children on top plus little ones inside, and it doesn’t dip in the middle, it maintains its shape. This allows your little one to feel safe whether they are rocking on top, climbing inside, or rolling it with friends. Having a sense of safety whilst playing will allow your little one to build self confidence and new skills in each class they attend.
    • Depth perception
      • The development of depth perception helps your child learn to gain confidence in their body. Our Rainbow Barrel is perfect for this as it can be used up against a slide allowing a child to drop something from a height, landing inside – we call this ‘problem solving’. You may find your child likes to drop things from a height in their highchair once we have explored the game at Gymboree Play & Music!
    • Dynamic balance
      • Our Rainbow Barrel can be used to work on your child’s dynamic balance by using it as a giant walker. Your child will walk with their feet and push with their hands and you can stand behind to support them.
    • Sense of space
      • Our Rainbow Barrel creates a fantastic tunnel that your little one can crawl though to develop their sense of space. We can also make it more challenging for our older ones by attaching a cloth tunnel to one side so that the space gets longer and then shorter.  Another way of working on this is rolling a ball though or placing a child’s favourite toy inside to encourage them to take the challenge. It can be daunting for little ones so always start by just placing their head slightly inside and make sure they can see you from the other end, that will give them confidence.
    • Colour perception
      • As little babies can only initially see in black and white our Rainbow Barrel is an excellent piece of equipment for them to use as they start to view life in colour.  It’s also excellent for our little ones as they grow throughout the programme and can start to put the correct names to the colours.
    • Hand-feet co-ordination
      • Hand and feet co-ordination is a staple part of your child’s development. We can use our Rainbow barrel to develop this with tummy time for little babies, placing a small toy in front so they can reach out and grab it, crawling inside once they get moving. Then using it as a walker to co ordinate the hands and feet at different times, and also tapping on the outside and stamping our feet to the beat of music.
    • Co-operation
      • We often use our Rainbow Barrel in group activities such as collecting objects and placing them inside. Or working together to push it on its side. And for little ones working with a partner to roll it across the mats. Learning co-operative play from a young age is such a key skill and it will serve your little one well as they move into the next stages of their education.
    • Sense of achievement
      • Learning to make it to the other side of a tunnel for a little baby can be a huge challenge so it may take weeks to achieve. But once they do make it through the sense of achievement will feel great. We always encourage a big celebration on the small wins to really build your little one’s confidence from a young age. Older ones will finally master jumping inside our Rainbow Barrel from the end of the Airlog.  There are so many elements to this activity and once they complete it your child will feel a huge sense of achievement.

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  • Benefits of our Wavy Wavy Slide

    26. January 2021
    benefits picture

    Introducing Gymboree Play & Music’s Wavy Wavy Slide!

    This smooth, bumpy, wooden slide is used for climbing and sliding, on bottoms, tummies, head first and feet first.

    The Benefits

    • Body control
      • We use our wavy slide for newborns up to pre-school to work on our little ones’ body control. In sensory class we may put little ones on their tummies and let them use the waves in the slide to support their upper body.  Our older toddlers can enhance this skill by using the slide at different speeds or in different directions all the while making sure they make it safely to the top and the bottom.
    • Hand-feet co-ordination
      • Little ones work on their hand and feet co-ordination when they use the wavy slide as a bridge or climber, whether they are just starting to crawl, cruise around the edge, or run to the very top!
    • Gross Motor Development
      •  Gross motor skills are important for major body movement such as walking, maintaining balance, and co-ordination. We can adjust the angle of the slide, so it can go from steep to flat like a bridge, so this increases the ways in which it can be used for climbing, balancing, and walking.
    • Sense of Balance
      • Your 6 month old can work on their sense of balance while being gently pulled down on a slide ride working to stay seated and balanced. Later on your toddler is building on this skill whilst climbing it and holding two play balls.
    • Bilateral co-ordination
      • Bilateral co-ordination refers to the ability to co-ordinate both sides of the body at the same time. Our Wavy Wavy Slide is an excellent piece of equipment to use to work on this development goal. For young babies we will place them on a blanket and parents fully support them, then as they gain more strength and confidence they will start to master the process independently with the support of their grown-up and teacher.
    • Sense of achievement
      • Celebrating the achievements of your little ones is so vital as it builds confidence and self esteem. The wavy slide is an excellent way to work on this with your little one. The process of getting to the top, letting themselves go, and then reaching the bottom gives them a clear route to success, and a big well done from their grown up and teacher once they achieve it.  The waves in this slide and the ability to make it higher or lower can add continual challenges for your little ones.
    • Imagination
      • As your little ones grow throughout our programme we work on building their imaginations. Our wavy slide has endless uses from being an elephant’s trunk to a kitchen table, or sitting up high to go fishing in the ocean. With our lessons changing every two weeks you will see this wavy slide in many different forms!
    • Sense of space
      • When a child is developing their spatial awareness they begin to become aware of their placement in relation to the things around them. We not only use our slide for the obvious up and down motion but also for activities such as rolling a ball up and down to a friend or parent. We may even add a cloth tunnel on top for an extra challenge, all the while working on developing your little one’s sense of space.


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  • Benefits of our Handle Ball

    25. January 2021
    benefits picture

    Introducing Gymboree Play & Music’s famous Handle Ball!

    This large, soft, smooth, bouncy ball with handles can be used for lifting, pushing, rolling, sitting on, rocking and bouncing on.

    The Benefits

    • Sense of touch
      • Touch is one of your baby’s key senses, especially in the early weeks. Our Handle Ball has many different elements to explore; its smooth vinyl surface, the rough texture of the handles, and its firmness.  When it’s filled with air it’s very firm, but when we release a little air it’s soft and squidgy. Sense of touch is essential to children’s growth of physical abilities, language, cognitive skills, and social-emotional competency.
    • Support
      • Our Handle Ball can be used to support your little one during play time. For our younger babies we place them on their tummies, gently holding them round their torso. The firm air-filled Handle Ball helps them to strengthen tummy and neck muscles which are vital to early development. Later on, they can work with their adult or friends to either push or lift it together which continues to develop key muscles and strength.
    • Imagination
      • As our little ones develop we encourage the use of our imaginations in class. Imagination play enhances social development, language development, and builds self confidence. Our Handle Ball may become a banana tree in the jungle, a rocket to the moon, or even a wrecking ball on a construction site.  The possibilities are always endless!
    • Hand-feet co-ordination
      • One example of hand-feet co-ordination is using our Handle Ball as a giant walker, our little ones will walk and push with their hands whilst the grown-ups walk behind them to offer physical support and verbal encouragement. Hand and feet co-ordination is a vital skill to develop from a young age to support us in all aspects of our daily lives.
    • Visual impact
      • drawing of our handle ballA bright, cheerful object with many colours helps stimulate your infant’s vision development. This is also true when their eyes follow moving objects. A great example of how we work on this with our Handle Ball is pushing it to top of one of our large wedges and encouraging little ones to watch it roll to a stopping position at the bottom of the ramp. Or they could roll it to a friend or their adult.
    • Colour perception
      • When babies are born, their vision has not fully developed, and their vision will go through several changes during the first few months of life. By the time a baby is 5 months old, their colour vision will have developed fully. We use our Handle Ball in class to introduce them to new colours and then as they grow we can start to also encourage them to name the colours that they see.

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  • Benefits of our Cushion

    24. January 2021
    benefits picture

    Introducing the Gymboree Play & Music Cushion!

    This soft crash mat is used in Levels 1-7 and our pre-school classes for walking, standing, jumping, lying, rolling, and sliding.

    The Benefits

    • Body control
      • We use our Cushion for little ones from birth to 5 years. It has a lot of resistance and we describe it as trying to walk or crawl through mud! Body control starts from little ones using it for tummy time and lifting up of their heads, to forward rolls and big jumps!
    • Parent-child relationship
      • The Cushion really encourages the trust between grown-up and child.  The little one sits on the edge whilst the grown-up encourages them to reach out and fall into their arms. Similarly, a 5 year old is about to master a star jump and their grown-up is on the side cheering them on!
    • Lower limb strength
      • We use the crash mat in the early stages for tummy time and crawling, then start to encourage little ones to walk across. Bouncing is a tricky skill and unlike a trampoline our crash mat doesn’t actually have much bounce so really encourages the muscles to build up and your little ones to do the work!
    • Sense of balance
      • girl on cushionAs our Cushion isn’t a solid surface to make your way across, so whether it be crawling, walking or running, your little one will have to engage their tummy muscles and sense of co-ordination in order to make it to the other side.
    • Sense of achievement
      • We use our crash mat to create activities of repetition such as jumping from a height or successfully completing a jump in the centre of it.  We will repeat these week on week so that your little one can continue to improve, and once they complete the task, feel that sense of achievement. Celebrating this with them will build their confidence.
    • Upper body strength
      • Our Cushion is used to develop upper body strength by crawling across it. We encourage crawling in all stages of pre-school development as it continues to build that upper body strength which they will need for other activities such as monkey bars and climbing and also in their day to day life when getting dressed, and in and out of bed.
    • Social interaction
      • In our younger classes we use this for our sensory stations. This allows an opportunity for not only the babies to interact, but also the parents. This provides another key part of classes, we want you to make friends too!  We also use the crash mat for imagination group play, for example a sand pit or giant muddy puddle.
    • Sense of space
      • Having a sense of space is vital for your little one’s development, one way we will do this by using hoops on the crash mat and asking them to stay in their own space.
    • Confidence
      • Our crash mat has so many uses, and whether they’re floating on it as a boat, or being a bear climbing over it as a mountain, or crawling across it, each time they achieve one of these steps their confidence will grow and grow.
    • Body co-ordination
      • Having good body co-ordination is a vital skill to learn as it will mean they will be less likely to fall and injure themselves. One way we use our crash mat for this by learning to balance on one leg.
    • Tactile experience
      • The feel of our crash mat is unlike any of our other pieces of equipment, it’s dense and squidgy with a vinyl finish. Tactile experience is vital for little one’s development as they use their senses to explore and try and make sense of the world around them.
    drawing of the cushion

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  • Benefits of the Airlog

    23. January 2021
    benefits picture

    Introducing Gymboree Play & Music’s famous Airlog!

    This long, soft, colourful, inflatable cylinder is used in our classes throughout the levels for bouncing, climbing, pushing, sliding and tapping. As your little ones develop we also use it to build on imagination play. From a boat to an alligator or even a toaster, the possibilities are endless!

    The Benefits

    • It helps little ones understand texture.
      • This is a key for our little ones’ brain development, it gives them early exposure to the multi texture environment we live in and can help avoid sensitivities later in life.
    • Great for body control.
      • Babies will develop control of their upper body in the first few months of their life, we use the Airlog for tummy time, rocking, and also to introduce sitting up whilst being supported by their adult.
    • Builds confidence.
      • From starting in younger classes with sitting, rocking and bouncing, all heavily assisted by their adults. As our little ones move into Level 3 we start to encourage some independent play such as pushing it along to encourage walking. By the end of your little one’s Gymboree Play & Music journey they will be running across without any assistance and jumping off the other end! Its a real journey.
    • Develops strength.
      • We use it as a ‘tummy time tool’ for babies, a ‘giant walker’ for our little ones who are up on their feet, and then for our older toddlers we even explore lifting it above our heads as superheroes.
    • Sense of balance.
      • Balance is such a key developmental goal for all little ones as it comes into play in so many areas of life. We use it from a young age to build up tummy strength then upper body, before co-ordinating the two to start walking across it. A lot of balance also comes from confidence that we won’t fall, or if we do, what will happen? We use our teachers and parents to encourage little ones both physically and mentally that they can do it!
    • Hand-feet coordination.
      • A great example of this is one of our famous activities the ‘FREEZE’ dance. We mainly use this with our slightly older toddlers but also sometimes with our little ones too. We play music and encourage tapping, always starting with both hands, then one hand, and then we alternate. This encourages the crossing of both sides of the brain.
    • Motor development.
      • This is the physical growth and strengthening of a child’s bones and the ability for them to move though their surroundings. They can do this by ‘cruising’ around, pushing, tapping, banging, walking, or running across our Airlog.
    • Reactivity
      • One of the fun sides of the development of our little ones is watching their reactions as they take part in a new activity or complete one they have been working towards. The more you encourage with your face and words the more positive their reactions will be. It’s ok if sometimes your little one looks shocked or unsure, it’s all part of the journey!
    • Rhythm sensation
      • We use the Airlog by tapping our hands or bouncing on top to create rhythm, this skill will enable your little one to identify sound patterns and learn through repetition.
    • Social interaction.
      • We often use the Airlog for group activities such as pushing it from one side of the room to together, chopping it down like a tree, or playing peek-a-boo with another baby.  Learning to communicate and work alongside other children is a vital life skill.
    • Vestibular sense.
      • This is our inner ear balance mechanism. It is vital for your little ones to balance on one leg when they get dressed for example. We encourage our older ones to walk across the Airlog as we gently wobble it to further develop this.
    • Parent-child relationship.
      • This is a key part of everything we do, and the Airlog is only a successful activity if our parents are right by their little one’s side. Knowing your grown-up is your biggest cheerleader, and will catch you if you fall or encourage you to try again, is why any Airlog activity can make a huge positive difference to the early development of your child.

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  • Benefits of our Equipment

    22. January 2021
    Benefits graphic

    We are often asked why our classes are so special. Parents want to know how they differ from other play classes.  They want to know all about the benefits of our equipment!

    Gymboree Play & Music classes utilise a unique and impressive combination of music, movement, props, and imaginary play, but it’s our custom-designed and patented equipment, which is unique to us, that creates a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive and most importantly have fun.  We have evolved this equipment over the years and you’ll see it in all its forms in Gymboree Play & Music centres around the world.

    This proprietary equipment was designed by Jay Beckwith, an internationally respected playground designer with more than 40 years of experience. He created every structure with the needs of children in mind. He also designed them to deliver the high-quality standard parents expect for their children.  It’s this equipment which delivers a unique experience for our members with social, cognitive, and physical benefits for your little ones built in.

    So here begins a series about the benefits of our unique equipment.  Each post we’ll focus on a different piece and show you what’s so special about it, and how it benefits your child during play.

    We’ll cover the benefits of all the familiar Gymboree Play & Music apparatus:

    For those of you who are already members, you’ll recognise most of these, and no doubt you and your little ones have a favourite!

    If you’d like more information about Gymboree Play & Music classes just contact your local centre.


Government guidelines were released recently, which highlighted the importance of physical activity and play in young children’s early development. The report outlined the vital role of PLAY and MOVEMENT in early childhood, putting emphasis on encouraging children, particularly those that aren’t walking, to crawl, roll and play – physical activity is now  encouraged from birth, ‘particularly through floor-based play…in safe environments’. Meanwhile, children that are up on their feet are now recommended to have at least 3 hours of activity, spread throughout a day with periods of rest in-between.

As stated in the report, these kind of movements are ‘…provide valuable opportunities to build social and emotional bonds with parents, siblings and other children.’

Gymboree Play and Learn have been encouraging play, movement and fun in all of their classes for over 40 years – so why not book in your FREE Trial class today!