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Hello and Welcome to Gymboree Play and Music Edinburgh – Edinburgh’s number one choice for baby and toddler development classes.

Our classes utilise a unique and impressive combination of music, movement, props, imaginary play and custom-designed and patented apparatus, all to create a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive and most importantly have fun.

We are often told by parents, “You are the only class that manages to engage my child.” This is not a coincidence! It is a reflection of the fact that we are the experts in early childhood development and as such, we know children; we know what works, what engages, and what is appropriate for the many different developmental stages between birth and age 5.

Gymboree play and music classes are recognised for our unique approach to parent/carer involvement which encourages adult participation in all class activities. Research has shown that young children learn best – and have the most fun – when parents and carers enter their world of play and imagination. At Gymboree classes, every adult is an active participant and play partner, making your time at Gymboree play and music all the more fun and enjoyable.

All of our classes take place in our centre which is based in the south west of Edinburgh in the Slateford/Gorgie area, boosts a large play floor, gorgeous baby changing facilities, a fully equipped snack room and a large private car park

Gymboree Play and Music has been proudly inspiring parents and children with Play, Movement and Fun for over 40 years. With classes in over 700 locations in over 40 countries, we are the global leader in early childhood development programmes. Why settle for less?


To book your FREE TRIAL class please contact us at edinburgh@gymboreeclasses.co.uk  or phone 07910 188 713

We look forward to meeting you and your little ones very soon! :)



We offer a range of award winning classes throughout the week for New-born babies and up to children of 5 years!  Please download our current timetable to see what Gymboree Play & Music classes we have on offer and contact us to book your FREE trial class!

Gymboree Edinburgh November 2018 Timetable

BABY MASSAGE: We are passionate about the importance of touch and bonding with your baby and massage is a great way to introduce this to you both! Research shows that the first 1000 days of a child’s life are highly influential on their life-long mental health, and we want to help you along that crucial journey. Our Baby Massage course consists of 5 sessions each lasting 2 hours. We invite babies (under 1 year) and their parents along to learn all about the importance of touch and hope you will use this course as an opportunity to  bond with your baby whilst learning and practising the different massage strokes with our fully qualified IAIM instructor, Nicole.

To learn more about Infant massage please follow this link!

SENSORY BABY PLAY :Developed just for babies from newborn to six months, in Sensory Baby Play we help you to find joy in playing with your new baby. Never overwhelming, always just right for your child, we sing, play, move and introduce new sensory experiences that will help your baby become calm, attentive and interested in play.

PLAY AND LEARN : Gymboree Play & Learn classes take place on our play floor with our specially designed equipment. The classes focus on motor skill development (both gross and fine) and also have plenty of music-based activities. We change our equipment set-up and the lesson plans every 2 weeks. This way, children have a chance to learn through repetition but are challenged with something new every 2 weeks. Play & Learn classes include family classes for adults with 1 or more children. Our hard and soft equipment is designed to be developmentally challenging to help little ones become confident through play.

MAKE UPS: We have a ‘catch-up’ policy – any missed class can be made-up with an extra class to be taken within a month!

OPEN GYM: Once you sign up to a class you automatically become a member of Gymboree Play and Music Edinburgh which entitles you to unlimited use of our Open Gym Sessions, free of charge, on the days we are open.

FREE TRIALS: Contact us at edinburgh@gymboreeclasses.co.uk to book your free trial class.

Please contact edinburgh@gymboreeclasses.co.uk or call 07910 188 713  if you wish to discuss suitable classes for your little ones or to book a free trial class.


Here at Gymboree Play & Music Edinburgh we run fun-filled bespoke parties every weekend. Whatever you’re celebrating Gymboree Play & Music Edinburgh has the party to suit your needs! Our parties include venue hire, two members of staff to help with your day, party food and a structured play and music session. Please inquire as early as possible as we do book up a couple of months in advance.

For more details and for price information please see the link below and let us help you have a stress-free, wonderful day to remember!

Birthday Parties at Gymboree Play and Music Edinburgh 2017


You can read some of our party reviews below including a wonderful Blog written by a Mummy who recently enjoyed a party with us:

The most stress-free Birthday Party ever at Gymboree Play and Music Edinburgh!!


childrens birthday parties 


We’ve been to a fair few birthday parties here (all amazing) and just had our son’s 1st birthday party here which was also completely amazing! Nicole’s energy and talent for children’s classes and entertainment is second to none! We had 4 month old kids to 3.5 year olds at the party and every single one of them had a brilliant time. Can’t wait for our next visit!’




parties at Gymboree play and music


‘Just a note to say a huge thank you for the party today ! It was absolutely fantastic, the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and everyone thought you were amazing !!!’





fun birthday parties for babies and toddlers


‘Thank you for a fantastic birthday party at Gymboree play and music yesterday! Our Son absolutely loved every minute as did all of his friends – it really was brilliant and exactly what we had hoped for! Thank you!’



fun birthday parties for under 5



‘Thanks again for the AMAZING party you hosted this morning. Everyone had such a brilliant time and tonight there is one very happy little boy in this house. All the activities were great fun and everyone was made to feel very welcome and helped and encouraged to join in. We felt that the whole event ran very smoothly, there was plenty of time for everything. We could not have asked for a better party.’

  • Black Friday Flash Sale!

    15. November 2018

    This Black Friday we’re launching a special offer giving new members a massive 25% discount off their first 2 months membership*

    Gymboree Play & Music are the world leaders in early childhood development and we would love to show you why! With classes for babies and children from newborn to age 5 we have something for everyone.

    • Sensory Baby Play- 0 – 6 months
    • Play & Learn – 6 months – 5 years
    • Gymboree Music – 6 months – 5 years
    • Gymboree Art -18 months – 5 years
    • Baby Massage courses -0 – 12 months
    • Makaton Signing for Babies courses -3 – 12 months

    (Not all branches offer all classes and courses)

    If you’ve already been for a free trial get in touch with your local Gymboree Play & Music and sign up now!

    If you haven’t, just fill in the free trial enquiry form here and we’ll get back to you asap to book you in for a free trial.

    Offer ends on Cyber Monday so get in touch soon!

    *T&Cs apply. Sale opens on Friday 23rd November. Participating sites only, valid for new customers only, subject to availability, not valid in conjunction with any other offer, minimum spend may apply.

  • Get Bedtime Ready at the Groromper Roadshow

    4. October 2018

    Parents listen up! We’ve teamed up with the UK’s most trusted sleep brand The Gro Company, to bring you the Groromper Roadshow!  Come along to one of our events to wind down for bedtime at a FREE fun activity session for toddlers aged 12-36 months at a Gymboree Play & Music near you!

    Dates of Groromper Roadshow at Gymboree Play & Musics across the UK

    Contact your local site to book your place now!

    Surbiton Mon 15th Oct 4pm

    St Albans Tues 16th Oct 4.30pm

    Warwick Tues 30th Oct 4pm

    Tunbridge Wells Thurs 8th Nov 4pm

    Edinburgh Wed 21st Nov 4pm


    It will give parents an exclusive opportunity to meet with the experts at Gro, get some handy bedtime tips and take part in a fun filled activity session to get little one’s ready to hit the hay! Everyone taking part will also get their hands on a Gro and Gymbo goody bag so don’t miss out! The exciting events, which promise to help little ones use up all their excess energy from the day and make bedtime easier, is in each location for one day only!  Families with children aged 12-36 months are invited to sign up to the free event, but don’t waste any time as spaces are limited. Contact the relevant Gymboree Play & Music to book your place now!

  • A crying baby isn’t a bad baby!

    19. November 2017


    I know this! Everyone knows this so why did it take for my mum to say those words before I realised that Little O wasn’t being bad, she was crying to get a need met? That’s why little children cry so much right? They cry to get fed, they cry to get changed, they cry if they are cold, they cry if they want a cuddle and it is ultimately our job as parents to soothe them, figure out what they need and fix the problem for them. In the light of day this is easy to do but when your little baby who has been sleeping through the night suddenly starts screaming and crying big wet tears for prolonged periods through the dark hours it hits you with such shock and unexpected force that you automatically get cross or frustrated, or at least I did. That’s not strictly true, I didn’t get frustrated immediately, On the first night I put it down to her ear infection so I cuddled her back to sleep and lay next to her  shhhhhing and singing until we both fell asleep. Then the next night I did the same until a week later, ear infection cleared up, I was too tired to realise that I had in fact developed a bad habit for both of us. As the weeks have gone on and tiredness has increased to the stage where I walk into classes full of precious babies that I have taught for months and I can’t remember their names (sorry Jake) I have realised that I am not dealing with the issue I am just surviving the issue. I was sleeping on O’s bedroom floor and dozing off in between bouts of screaming but I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to, I wasn’t figuring out what was wrong, soothing her and fixing the problem! This is where my mum’s second pearl of wisdom comes in…



    I thought through when this had started and why it might have started and when I broke it down I thought WOW, my little lady has had it tough the last couple of months. I realised that she started October with a sickness bug accompanied by an ear infection resulting in a burst ear drum; followed quickly by a secondary ear infection while in Spain and another perforation!  She then took poorly again with tonsillitis and has just last week recovered from another sickness bug! Is it really any wonder she is looking for some extra cuddles from mummy! Probably not! When I really think about, she has been telling me exactly what she needs. Through the tears and sobs she has been saying the words ‘mummy’s bed’, ‘mummy cuddle’ and ‘mummy’s hair’ I have put this down to her trying to find ways to get out of her bed when actually she has been telling me that over the weeks when she has been poorly she has become accustomed to mummy cuddling her more, ultimately she has been able to hold my hair more during these cuddles ( O’s comforter of choice is always mummy’s hair, followed quickly by her sheep skin blanket, affectionately named ‘loy loy’) and she did often get brought into my bed for cuddles. Judge if you like but at the end of the day for me the choice between her and I crammed in her cot for cuddles while she is poorly or us being comfortable in my king sized bed is an easy one! I realise that by comforting O through being poorly, by nursing my baby and holding her close when she needed me I helped her to feel better at the time but then I suddenly expected her to sleep without me, without cuddles, without me singing ‘Ally Bally’ on repeat as soon as she was well again! How unrealistic of me! How unfair of me! So once again my mum, otherwise known as Super Granny was again probably right! O probably is feeling lonely and that is something that I can help her with. I had a think about what might help her feel less lonely and the answer was obvious; a companion in bed! Now that companion could no longer be myself or her Daddy and as much as big sister would have loved the chance to cuddle her baby to sleep, this would have ultimately ended in much less sleep and many hours of hide of hide and seek under the covers so I thought about little O’s next favourite thing; my mum and dads dog, Cassie! No I’m not crazy, I did not adopt Cassie nor did I buy a puppy (as much as the girls would have loved me to) no, I took a trip to IKEA and I bought a great big cuddly dog!


    I was delighted to see that IKEA’s range of cuddly toys had grown in size and when O found a gorgeous brown dog and started saying ‘Cassie cuddles’ repeatedly while desperately trying to get out of her pram to get to the basket of dogs I knew we had found her night time companion! So Cassie came home with us and only 3 nights later O asks for Cassie cuddles as she climbs into her bed. She snuggles into her very own friend and is much happier to go to sleep! Now I know that lots of you will be thinking children shouldn’t have stuffed toys in their cots and it’s unsafe, I agree completely with this for babies and infants who are unable to roll over or move away from the soft toys however for O is strong enough to climb out of her cot I have no worries about her sleeping with her new best friend and I am happy that she no longer feels lonely in her bed night.






    I am pleased to tell you all that last night we had success! I know it might not last, it might be a one off, but last night when O woke up at 2:30 I went through thinking I was in for 3 hours of a battle so when I returned to my bed at 2:45 having left O snoring soundly I had to pinch myself a little. I did of course lie awake thinking that it would be harder to get up again when she started shouting if I let myself fall asleep but the shouts never came so let myself fall asleep and didn’t wake again until O arrived at the side of my bed with Cassie in her arms and asked for Porridge at 6:30! Please don’t think that buying a cuddly toy has solved our sleepless nights, I have implemented a number of new techniques to help O and I will tell you about them in my blogs over the next little while but for now I am feeling hopeful, there just might be a light at the end of this tunnel!






  • When the baby who sleeps stop sleeping!

    17. November 2017


    SLEEP! I feel like I can’t remember what a full nights sleep even feels like yet I can clearly remember, only a few months ago, feeling rather smug as I shared my tips to help other little ones sleep better. I remember being able to confidently say ‘both my girls sleep all night’ yet my current sleep deprived state doesn’t allow me to remember what it actually felt like to get a regular full nights sleep. I’m talking 8 sometimes 9 hours a night! Complete bliss, a blissful few months that I really wish I had enjoyed more at the time! It turns out however that those blissful few months were in fact a phase! Why has it taken me so long to realise that while the difficult parts of parenting are often put down to ‘being a phase’ or ‘a stage that too shall pass’ the positive, wonderful achievements such as teaching your child to seep all night could also be a phase! I realise that now! I realise that while my little girl had the ability to sleep in her cot for the entirety of the night something has changed and she no longer can! For the last few weeks I have wasted what little energy I have on trying to figure when it changed and why it might have changed but at the start of this week it hit me that I needed to stop focusing on what had caused this unexplained sleep regression, stop just surviving the long nights and start planning how to help my little O learn to sleep again. At the end of the day she is only 22 months old, it is my job to be calm and in control for her through the long dark nights when all I really want to do is pull the pillow over my head and hope that the hubby goes through to her before I do.

    MUMS KNOW BEST! It’s true, as a mum I like to think that I know best and actually most of the time I do, or at least I do when it comes to my girls. Nobody knows them like I do so it stands to reason that when it comes to them I usually know best but this week I realised that I was getting it very wrong for my Little O and guess who made me realise that, yup you got it! My mum! And all it took was for me to send a message to my wonderful family asking if any of them would like to give O a new home; ‘her off button is broken, her sleep button is also broken, oh and her volume button is also broken’ I wrote as I began a day with an overtired baby, feeling exhausted myself and being extremely mature, holding a grudge against said baby who actually couldn’t understand why Mummy was so grumpy and being so unreasonable! That was when my mum sent a private message offering me her words of wisdom. While I hate to admit it, lots of what she said made sense and so this is the week when I plan to regain control of those horrid sleepless nights and support my little girl through this difficult phase (which of course I am sure it is!) In an ideal world in two weeks time, I will be able to tell you all that everything I have tried has worked and you will all have the ingredients for a perfect nights sleep but lets be honest (and realistic) it probably won’t so my aim is simple. My aim is to share this journey with you, to hopefully help your sleepy eyes see a different way through the long nights, to hopefully find something that works for little O so she can feel safe and secure enough to relearn how to sleep through the night (most of the time) and to feel as though I am in control again being proactive in my bid to help O sleep instead of being reactive! Follow this blog to find out what I try and how it works for us! I promise to be completely honest, if something works I will share it with a huge feeling of pride, if something doesn’t work I will put my hands up and say ‘ooops, i got it wrong!’

  • Gymboree Play & Music and Piccolo Team Up!

    Gymboree Play & Music and Piccolo Team Up!20. October 2017

    Big News!!! We are very excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Piccolo, the organic, Mediterranean, baby food brand that has taken babies taste buds by storm.

    We all know that a healthy baby needs the very best nourishment, as well as plenty of cognitive developing and confidence inspiring activities. Get that balance right, plus plenty of love and you’re well on your way to give your little one a golden start in life. With healthy yummy food and plenty of Gymboree Play and Music activities, it’s a match made in heaven – help your little one refuel with a nutritious Piccolo pouch, whether it’s before or after playtime. That’s why we are partnering with Piccolo to give parents an extra treat when they come to your centres and classes.

    Across the UK and Europe, award-winning company, Piccolo, is shaking up the baby food world with its delicious Mediterranean inspired family recipes and 100% organic ingredients. Launched in 2016, Piccolo is the fastest growing baby food company in the UK.  They are passionate about children enjoying the healthiest and most nutritious food from the very start of their weaning journey, and so have created an unrivaled range to help encourage baby’s taste buds to learn flavour from natural means and promote a lifetime of healthy eating. So, it is very exciting that Piccolo will be providing plenty of samples at every single Gymboree class!

    To find out more about Piccolo, check out their website: www.mylittlepiccolo.com

    Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from Piccolo and Gymboree Play and Music!







Potential Teaching Opportunity. Gymboree Play and Music Edinburgh is always on the look out for new teachers. A Gymboree play and music teacher should be energetic, enthusiastic, self-motivated, and very friendly. It is essential that the applicant is able to communicate well with both adults and children, has good organisational skills and a strong interest in child development. The ability to work flexible hours in essential. An interest in Music, Art and Drama is preferred but not essential. The role will require someone with motivation and a desire to make playing and learning experiences memorable and enjoyable for children. if you feel we may be a good fit for you then please send your CV together with a cover letter telling us why you would make a great Gymboree Play and Music Teacher to nicole@gymboreeclasses.co.uk