Following government guidance, Gymboree Play & Music Hampstead will be closed from 20th December 2020. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you all back when it’s safe to do so. 


We are located in the fabulous O2 Centre, just steps away from Finchley Road tube station.
• The O2 Centre offers plenty of places to eat and drink before or after your visit to Gymboree Play & Music
• We have a large Sainsbury’s supermarket and a Waterstone’s bookshop with a lovely children’s area.
• There is ample car-parking space at the back of the Centre, and we can validate your car-park ticket to give you around a 50% discount off the price of parking.
• A clean changing station so you won’t mind changing your baby’s nappy!

We look forward to seeing you soon!
Gymboree Play & Music  Hampstead Branch
O2 Centre
255 Finchley Road


SENSORY BABY PLAY for non-mobile babies from new born to 6 months. It introduces your baby to the world of play at our cosy BABY PLAY class. The most important developmental goal babies have in Gymboree Level 1 is learning to become calm, attentive and interested in the world.

we explore visual and auditory development of babies with sensory play (sights, sounds and textures) and lots of music. We also work on building upper body strength through tummy time (giving babies a chance to see their own reflections in a mirror).

Class also includes a parent discussion time to learn about your child’s development and expand your own support network as a parent.


Play & Learn Classes (Level 2 – Level 6)


Play & Learn Classes 6 months – 4 yrs (Level 2 – 6). You can watch as your little one progress and work all the way up to Level 6. The classes focus on motor skill development (both gross and fine) and also have plenty of music-based activities.


• Music Classes for 6 months-5yrs
Our MUSIC classes are a fabulous way to start exploring rhythm and movement with your child, and are set to a different genre of music every three weeks.

Boogie the winter blues away in our Jazz theme, baila La Bamba in one of our Latin classes, point your toes for Classical and release your inner diva for Disco!
Babies can start MUSIC & DANCE from the age of 6 months in our Music I class, and can continue their musical education up to the age of 5 in Music III.

Budding artists will love our ART classes! Get messy and creative with playdough, paints and plenty of glue and glitter, then take home your masterpiece to show off to the rest of the family.

Gymboree art classes are designed to inspire your child´s creativity. We explore a wide variety of materials when painting, sculpting and doing craft projects. Each week there is a different theme to get creative!

• 3 Plus classes ( 3 years old up to 5 years old)
As well as Music III, Art II and Level 7, children over 3 are well catered for with our THEATRE ARTS, PRE-SCHOOL and PLAYERS classes.

Gymboree School Skills classes prepare children for school. Our programme focuses on developing social-emotional skills such as curiosity, confidence and co-operation. Children are engaged in science, art, story time, pre-writing and movement activities that help to develop these social skills in a fun and developmentally appropriate way. Children are also introduced to basic skills such as letters, letter sounds, numbers and shapes. The class includes both independent and group learning activities.


Book your FREE trial today on 020 7794 8719 and come and join the fun!


Please Click the following link to download our new timetable for December 2020 and January 2021.

Dec 2020 Timetable

We are open on School Holidays so why you don’t bring your sibling for one of our 3+classes: Pre school, Theatre Arts, Players, Art and Music


Christmas Holiday break

We are closed from 21st December until 3rd January 2021.

Have a lovely holiday and we look forward to seeing you from 4th January.

Gymbo and the team

New 4 Weeks Recurring Registration

* Affordable monthly cost
* A more flexible make up session system
* 2 months per year freezing option
* No more hassle of renewals

Please remember :
Adults must wear socks inside our classes and children should have bare feet. (socks are available for purchase if forgotten).

Turn your child’s special day into an unforgettable birthday celebration…

Come and join the fun at Gymboree Play & Music Hampstead!

Our dedicated teachers will create a unique, fun-filled party for you and your guests. Your magical party will include music and dancing, stories and adventures, bubbles and singing, and parents and children will have a fantastic time playing together in our beautiful playrooms.


Contact us to check available dates and book your party today!

Dear Customers,

We all hope you are fine and had a fantastic seasonal holiday and we wish you a very happy, healthy, and prosperous New year.

Due to London remaining in Tier 4 we are unable to run our classes now. We will run our online classes from 4th January until the next review.

To join the group, you will need to find us on Facebook! You can either search for “Gymbo @ Home, Gymboree Hampstead” or follow the direct link below: (There are a couple of security questions that will need to be answered before we accept you into the group – this is purely to make sure that it is as safe and secure as possible for our members.)


Your missed classes that you pay for in this period will still be available for you to catch up alongside your regular weekly class when we return.

We are continuously analysing and looking for the latest guidance and will update you if there are any changes. Please also follow our social media pages on Facebook, and Instagram (our Instagram name is gymboreeclasseshampstead) where we will be posting frequently throughout Lockdown keeping you all updated on the latest news.

We will continue to answer all email enquiries remotely and appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply during this particularly busy period.

The safety of you, our members, your little ones, and our staff continues to be our number one priority.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Best Wishes,

The Gymboree Team

Gymboree Play & Music Hampstead




Hygiene Measures:
We have an extended break between each class to allow us to do a deep and thorough clean of the site and all equipment prior to the next class starting. This includes the use of a disinfecting electrostatic spray and UV lights.

We are doing temperature checks for everybody (staff included) prior to being permitted access to the site.

Face Coverings are compulsory inside of our classes. All members of staff will be wearing a Face Shield, with hand sanitiser freely available throughout the site.

Adults must wear socks – unfortunately we are no longer able to sell socks on site.

We are asking everyone to be mindful of social distancing – reminders are posted frequently throughout the site.

Our classrooms are a “No Phone Zone”. As always, photography is not permitted in any of our sessions.

We hope we’ve answered most of your questions. If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email – our team are always here to help you.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your safety and our team are our highest priority. Things will have to operate a bit differently to what you are used to for a while, therefore we want to let you know about the important changes coming to your classes.

Here is the link to our timetable:

Oct-Nov 2020 Timetable



  • Benefits of our Equipment

    22. January 2021
    Benefits graphic

    We are often asked why our classes are special. Parents want to know how they differ from other play classes.  They want to know all about the benefits of our equipment!

    Gymboree Play & Music classes utilise a unique and impressive combination of music, movement, props, and imaginary play, but it’s our custom-designed and patented equipment, which is unique to us, that creates a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive and most importantly have fun.  This equipment has evolved over the years and you’ll see it in all its forms in Gymboree Play & Music centres around the world.

    This proprietary equipment was designed by Jay Beckwith, an internationally respected playground designer with more than 40 years of experience. He created every structure with the needs of children in mind. Our play environments are designed to deliver the high-quality standard parents expect for their children.  It’s this equipment which delivers a unique experience for our members with social, cognitive, and physical benefits for your little ones built in.

    In the coming days we’re going to start a series about the benefits of our unique equipment.  Each day we’ll focus on a different piece and show you what’s so special about it, and how it benefits your child during play.

    We’ll cover all the familiar Gymboree Play & Music apparatus:

    • Airlog
    • Cushion
    • Handle Ball
    • Short Slide
    • Rainbow Barrel
    • Wavy Slide
    • Slide ‘n’ Climb
    • Tubee

    For those of you who are already members, you’ll recognise most of these, and no doubt you and your little ones have a favourite!

    If you’d like more information about Gymboree Play & Music classes just contact your local centre.

  • Gymbo @ Home Again!

    19. January 2021

    Now that we’re back into another national Lockdown we’re planning Gymbo @ Home again on our national Facebook page!

    Gymbo @ Home is short live-action or pre-recorded classes delivered to you online in the comfort and safety of your own home.  Gymboree Play & Music classes bring a unique combination of music, movement, props, and imaginary play, all to create a fun and magical world where children learn, thrive and most importantly have fun.


    We have 3 free 30 minutes sessions planned for you so far:Gymbo on a sledge in the snow


    So jump over to Facebook, click ‘going’, and put them on your calendar!

    We’ve shared some cool ideas for fun activities you can do with your little ones around the winter theme for the first event.  Why not have a go at making penguin bottles?!

    You can also enter our competition to win some wonderful Bubble Ooodles by getting involved with our hysterical game of hide and seek with Steph during Gymbo’s Winter Party.  Join in live to find out more.

    After the event you can still watch again, along with all our previous Gymbo @ Home sessions, via our Facebook page.


    Some of our centres are running regular Gymbo @ Home sessions via private Facebook groups so get in touch with your local centre to find out more.

    Thank you for your continued support, and stay say everyone 🙏💗

  • Lockdown

    5. January 2021
    closed sign

    Another day, another update!  As you will not doubt have noticed, we have had to close all our centres across the UK due to the national Lockdown announced yesterday.

    Once again we are devastated not to be able to see you and your little ones in class, but we know lockdown is the best way to stop this virus once and for all.

    Please keep an eye on your local centre’s Facebook page for updates on Gymbo @ Home, a combination of short live-action and pre-recorded interactive videos delivered via closed Facebook Groups.  Some, but not all, centres will be offering Gymbo @ Home to current members.

    Contact details for all our centres via the links below:

    If you’re not sure which is your nearest centre check out the map here.

    Bearsden & Milngavie

    pic of girl cuddling Gymbo




    East Dulwich



    Hackney & Islington







    St Albans

    Tunbridge Wells



    It’s possible easing of lockdown will happen at different times across England and Scotland so again, please keep an eye on your local centre’s social media in the coming weeks for the latest news.

    Many thanks for your continued support, and stay safe everyone, we miss you 🙏💗

  • Tier 4 update 31st December 2020

    30. December 2020
    Covid 19 update graphic tier 4 restrictions graphic

    Unfortunately more of our centres are moving into Tier 4 from tomorrow, 31st December 2020, so will be closed for now.  This includes our centres in England and Scotland.

    The only Gymboree Play & Music centre in the UK still in Tier 3 is Gymboree Play & Music Bristol and they are open!  But we do advise you to check with them before attending your classes in the coming weeks in case the situation changes.

    As always we will monitor the guidelines and legislation carefully and open our doors elsewhere as soon as it’s safe to do so.

    Wishing all our Gymbo families a very happy new year, and please stay safe everyone 🙏


  • Tier 4 Closure

    20. December 2020
    Covid 19 update graphic

    Updated – please see new blog post 30th December 2020.

    Once again, due to the latest Covid-19 guidance, all of our London and the South East centres have had to close due to the introduction of Tier 4 restrictions.

    This affects our centres in:tier 4 restrictions graphic




    East Dulwich

    Hackney & Islington





    St Albans

    Tunbridge Wells



    These restrictions will be reviewed on 30th December, please keep an eye on our social media for the latest information.

    In the meantime we wish you a relaxing Christmas, and here’s looking forward to a very different 2021!

    Stay safe everyone 🥰


  • A Warm Welcome Back

    26. November 2020
    pic of boy playing at Gymboree Play & Music

    Wishing you a very warm welcome back to Gymboree Play & Music!

    UPDATED – Further to the Government’s latest announcement we can confirm that all our centres in England have reopened after lockdown from Wednesday 2nd December.

    pic of mother and baby playing at Gymboree Play & Music

    Our centres in Glasgow South and Bearsden & Milngavie are in Scotland’s tier 4 and are currently closed, please get in touch for the latest information. Edinburgh is still open.

    Now the legislation for England has been published it’s clear there are specific exemptions to cover parent and child groups so we can’t wait to see you back in class!

    All of our centres are Covid secure having previously implemented new play policies with smaller ‘bubbled’ classes, one way systems, face coverings, sanitising stations, and no sharing of toys.  So you can continue to feel safe and relaxed at your Gymboree Play & Music classes and enjoy a little bit of normality!

    As always please don’t come to your class if you or your little one have any of the symptoms of Covid-19, we’ll welcome you back with open arms when you’re all better.

    Of course if you’d rather not come back to class right now, that’s perfectly fine, we understand everyone has their own set of circumstances and family members to consider.  Please get in touch with your local centre to discuss your options.

    Thank you all for your continued support and stay safe everyone 🙏🏼💗

  • Give the Gift of Play and Support Local

    18. November 2020
    give the gift of play and support local with our gift vouchers

    With Christmas fast approaching and uncertainty all around, now is the time to give the gift of play and support local with Gymboree Play & Music gift vouchers.

    Although Gymboree Play & Music is proud to be part of a global brand with a 44 year history, all our centres are small businesses in their own right owned by families like yours.  Like many businesses they’ve been closed for about half pic of baby and bubblesof this year with very limited income.  We’ve all been overwhelmed by the love and support we’ve felt from our members and fellow small businesses in our communities, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you’ve done.  We’ve been particularly thrilled to see so many of you back in class in your droves (when rules allow)!

    Now with some light at the end of the tunnel we’re hopeful 2021 will bring better times, where we can move on from lockdowns, new normals, and one way systems!

    In the meantime, for this Christmas, why not give the gift of play and support local all at the same time, with our gift vouchers.  They’re valid for 12 months and can be redeemed at any of our centres across the UK against classes and merchandise.  They make the perfect gift for a new parent, pre-school children, or an existing Gymboree Play & Music member.

    All our teams across the UK really appreciate you supporting them during these unprecedented times, and buying our gift vouchers is one small way you can help.

    Thank you 🙏🏼




  • We’re staying at home

    5. November 2020

    latest Covid-19 update graphic

    Gymboree Play & Music are staying at home 🏡 this lockdown (in England) 👨👧👦👩👧👦👨👩👧👦👨👦👦 

    There has been much speculation as to whether we can continue to operate our classes throughout this second ‘lockdown’, if we could fall into the Government Guidelines for either ‘support groups’ or ‘supervised activities for children.

    Whilst we definitely support the families that come along to our classes, fundamentally we are not a ‘support group’.  Although we do provide ‘supervised activities for children’, this is not so parents and carers can go to work. We feel these are the intentions of the guidance and therefore we don’t feel we fit in the exemptions.

    pic of girl cuddling Gymbo

    The news that specific ‘support groups’ and ‘supervised activities for children’ are able to remain open is brilliant for the families who rely on such services. We are so happy to know that families will still be able to access them 🙏 .

    As business owners this is our livelihoods and we are completely devastated to close our doors again, we ask you to please continue to support your local centre in anyway that you can throughout this ‘lockdown’. 

    We will remain closed until the end of ‘lockdown‘ on 2nd December. We would love nothing more than to still be running our COVID-secure classes and seeing you, our Gymboree Play & Music families, but the instruction is to ‘stay home’ 🏡🌸, and the safety of you, your little ones and our team will always come first.  

    As always thank you so much for all your amazing support. Stay safe everyone & hip hip hooray for another Gymboree day just 4 weeks away ✨😌 

  • Closed for 4 weeks

    2. November 2020
    latest Covid-19 update graphic

    Dear Gymboree Play & Music families,

    Further to Boris’s latest announcement it’s with a heavy heart we must once again temporarily close our doors in England. Having you and your little ones return to our classes has been truly wonderful and we already can’t wait to welcome you back soon

    💗 From this Thursday 5th November in compliance with the latest Government Guidelines all our centres will be temporarily closed for 4 weeks.

    💗 Please wait to hear from your local centre on how they will support you with your membership questions, as you can imagine we will be very busy at this time and will be doing our utmost to manage this situation as efficiently as possible so kindly bear with us

    💗 The safety of you, our members, your little ones, and our staff continues to be our number one priority.

    🙏🏼 Thank you for choosing Gymboree Play & Music and for your continued support. Once the time is right we will welcome you back with ooodles of bubbles and three BIG Gymbo cheers!

    Stay safe and healthy.

    Please note the guidance for our Scotland centres is different but they will be in touch if anything is altering with your membership at any time.


    closed for now sign
  • Help us to keep you safe

    30. September 2020
    Play Policies diagram

    With all of our centres finally open (hooray!), we want to thank you again for your support over Lockdown and now.  It’s been a very difficult time, and will continue to be for a while to come, so we’re extremely grateful to have many of you back in class.

    We just want to take this opportunity to remind everyone of the new Play Policies put in place to keep our teams and members safe.  We have only been allowed to open by the powers-that-be because we’ve put these policies in place, ensuring a Covid-secure environment for your classes.  Therefore it’s vital that everyone follows the rules and allows our teams the time and space to manage the increased admin and cleaning. Please help us to keep you safe.

    We know it feels a little bit different in class at the moment, we know some of you would rather not wear face coverings, and we know you miss Gymbo stamps and kisses, and seeing your little ones play closely with their friends; but to keep us all safe this is the way it must be for the time being. In order to keep your classes running in our Covid-secure venues you may also see an increase in your membership price.

    Most importantly please can we remind you not to come to class if you or your little one are unwell or have any of the main symptoms:

    • a high temperature
    • a new, continuous cough
    • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

    We have a generous make-up policy and you’ll be able to come back to class when you’re both better.

    Of course, if you’d rather not come back to class right now with these policies in place, that is also fine.  We will welcome you back with open arms when you feel ready.

    Thank you again for helping us to keep you safe!