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Hackney & Islington

If you are on the lookout for an amazing place which offers fun, high quality and educational classes for your children you need to look no further. You cannot do better than Gymboree Play & Music’s award-winning sessions (4 times winner of best pre-school activity in the last 5 years) delivered by our fantastic Islington team. Come to visit us, we can’t wait to welcome you and your little ones!

Our site located at 60 Highbury New Park really is amazing. Your little ones will love it! We have a separate baby feeding area with comfortable couches, baby changing facilities and a bottle warmer.

Book your FREE trial today by emailing us at islington@gymboree-uk.com or calling 07818153700.

OUR LOCATION: Our new site is located between Highbury & Islington roundabout and Newington Green. Our building is located inside the estate, so it can be easily be reached from both adjacent roads, either Highbury New Park or Grosvenor Road. To reach us look out for number 31 on Highbury New Park (postcode N5 2EN). Number 60 Highbury New Park is just opposite. If you arrive by train we’re about 4 minutes walk from Canonbury train station.

PARKING: If you arrive by car there are multiple Pay-and-Display bays near 60 Highbury New Park. If you live in Islington and have a local parking permit you might be able to park for free in the local resident parking bays during the designated times.

SOCKS & CHARITY: Please remember to bring your socks! We want our site to be the cleanest children’s activity site in the area. It is our policy that adults must wear socks at Gymboree Play & Music. If you forget to bring them along there will be a pair on sale for £1, half of which we will donate to the Rainbow Trust.

Double click on the following link to download the latest timetable, pricing and membership policies. Our Play & Learn classes are on the first page, please scroll down to find our Art, Music and Sensory Baby Play Classes!

Gymboree Play & Music Hackney and Islington – Timetable, Pricing and Policies

Our classes are held at:

60 Highbury New Park, N5 2DJ.  If entering the site from Highbury New Park we are opposit number 31, just inside the Elmfield Estate.  We are also 1 min walk from Canonbury train station, where you can access the estate from Grosvenor Ave.


Newborn babies through to children up to age 5 can enjoy a wide range of classes at Gymboree Play & Music Hackney & Islington.

Introduce your baby to the world of play at our cosy SENSORY BABY PLAY class (Level 1), then watch as they progress and work all the way up to imaginative play! (Level 5 and 6)


Budding artists will love our ART classes! Get messy and creative with activities involving playdough, paints and plenty of glue and glitter.  Then, take home your masterpiece to show off to the rest of the family.


Our MUSIC classes are a fabulous way to start exploring rhythm and movement with your child, and are set to a different genre of music every two to three weeks.



Our Baby Play class focuses on developing your baby’s interest in the world through sensory exploration. Stimulating age-appropriate activities such as tummy time, scarf play and auditory exploration help to build trust and security and emotional connections with others. Parent discussion time  helps you to connect with other parents and learn more about your child’s development.

PLAY & LEARN LEVEL 2  (6-10 months):
At this level children learn how they can make things happen as they explore cause and effect and work on strength building activities by using our ramps, slides, climbers and tunnels. The songs and movement of our ‘baby boogies’ are a fun way to encourage social awareness and stimulate early brain development. Introducing your child to new sights, sounds, and movements helps build confidence.

PLAY & LEARN – LEVEL 3  (10-16 months):
Two way communication has started!  Children are gaining skills that allow them to show you what they want, think and feel as they participate in a range of developmental activities on our range of exciting equipment playscapes. You can experience, observe and guide your child’s new sense of balance, co-ordination and strength and observe how your child interacts and plays with other children as their learning style begins to emerge.

PLAY & LEARN – LEVEL 4  (16 – 22 months):
Motor planning is key for our children at this phase of development. We explore patterns, sequences of action and cooperative play using our equipment as a tool for physical, cognitive and social development. Early vocabulary is introduced (e.g. in/out; up/down) and parents help children learn to be competent problem solvers: from how to get in and out of the tunnel, to taking turns, to sharing and more.

PLAY & LEARN – LEVEL 5 (22 – 28 months):
Imaginary themes and creative play support the development of “symbolic thinking” in these classes. We transform our slides, tunnels and climbers into doghouses, fire engines and more. We use special props and games to encourage language development and social skill development at an age when many children begin pre-school and can benefit from learning these important skills.

PLAY & LEARN – LEVEL 6 (28 months – 5 years):

Through more advanced imaginary play, storybooks, equipment play, group and independent play, our Level 6 children learn critical listening and language skills that support their pre-school readiness. Our activities also focus on co-operative play, building your child’s imagination and thinking skills.

MUSIC I – (approx. 6 to 16 months):
Children are very receptive to musical learning at this age. Research has shown that infants can have memory for songs heard while in mum’s tummy, and babies as young as 5 months can remember musical sequences and detect changes in pitch, melody and rhythm! Participating in Music I impacts all areas of your baby’s development. You’ll learn songs that boost memory and language and explore music elements like beat and rhythm through age-appropriate instruments and playful movement activities. Learn lullabies from around the world to help to build those important connections between you and your child and support their emotional development.

MUSIC II – (17m to 2½ years):
Our active approach to musical learning introduces your child to 16 different musical styles. Through singing, dancing, movement games and instruments, your child learns important musical “building blocks” like rhythm, beat, tempo and melody and builds a foundation of musical skills to grow on. These activities provide powerful tools that impact your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development too.

MUSIC III– (2½ to 5 years):
Your child’s ability to express musical rules, structures and elements dramatically increases. Cognitive and physical growth leads to more complex and accurate responses in singing, critical listening, moving and instrument play. Our playfully structured activities encourage interaction with peers and support group cooperation through music making.

ART I – (17 to 24 months),  ART II – (24 to 36 months), FAMILIY ART  – (17m to 5 years)

Art provides skills for learning and self- expression at any age. That’s why a Gymboree Play & Music Art class is an essential introduction to a world of colour, form and texture that shape a foundation of creative possibility for your child. Our imagination building activities will invite exploration of a collage wall, tactile station, painting, song, story-time and gentle movement to inspire the littlest of artists.

Nothing inspires the imagination quite like art. An Art class sends your child home with far more than a finished project. Children leave our class with an enhanced creative spirit and a positive means for self-expression. Unleash your child’s imagination in a world of hands-on discovery with painting, sculpting, drawing, collage, song, dress-up and other imaginative activities.

THEATRE ARTS (3 to 5 years)

Your little one will sing, dance, paint and create with the opportunity to perform to friends and family at the end of each term. This new programme will promote confidence, self expression, peer interaction and task completion through a variety of creative art forms such as drama, text work, singing, dancing and set and costume making. At the end of each course you have the opportunity to watch your child in a live performance!  In both Key Stages 1 and 2 of the UK National Curriculum­ music, dance and drama are seen as ways for developing control, co­ordination, poise and expression of feelings, mood and ideas. The Theatre Arts programme develops all of these important skills and in doing so promotes independence and school readiness in a fun and exciting way!

SCHOOL SKILLS (3 to 5 years)

This class will equip your little ones with key social, emotional and intellectual skills needed for school and life. This programme will encourage curiosity and build self confidence in your pre-schooler using art, science exploration, play and more. Activities help develop confidence, communication, perseverance and co-­operation, giving your child a solid foundation for future learning environments. Teachers also read books that explore and nurture key social and emotional skills, and encourage communication with peers.

This School Skills class includes both independent and group learning activities to promote the important personal and social skills your child will need for a successful transition into school.


We offer tailor made birthday parties on Saturday and Sundays – the whole site to yourself, as well as Parties on the Go – meaning we can come to your home or hired venue.  Let’s get planning that Jungle Safari or trip Under the Sea!

Gymboree Play & Music Birthday Parties

There is no better place for your little one’s party than our amazing site.




rainbow trust

This year we are sponsoring the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity which seeks to support families with terminally ill children through support workers. Keep an eye out for all our charity events coming up this year! In 2016 we managed to raise an amazing £1576.66 so let’s aim high in 2017 and see if we can do the same!


We are delighted to announce that due to high demand we have some new exciting classes starting in the New Year. These include:

Monday 10:30 Music 3

Tuesday 12:30 Level 4

Tuesday 15:00 Sensory Baby Play

Thursday 14:00 Level 3

Thursday 14:00 Sensory Baby Play

Thursday 15:00 Level 2

Friday 12:30 Level 6

Friday 14:00 Level 3

Friday 16:00 Level 4

Do get in touch with us if you are interested in any of these classes! We are very much looking forward to seeing lots of new faces in 2017.



  • Attachment Styles and Adults’ Role

    6. November 2017

    Written by our wonderful staff member Luca, here is a post that shows just how important it is to have both little ones and adults present in our classes:

    Here at Gymboree Play & Music, we find the adults’ presence in the class very important. The first reason for that is that grown-ups serve as role models for their little ones. Children learn and develop through their experiences and use their adults as a reference point for understanding how they should think and feel about the world. Therefore children learn a lot by imitating their adults’ actions. They are more likely to perform a task if they have previously seen an adult performing it. The reason for this is that by watching adults, children know that the task is safe to perform, and when seen with a smile, fun!  It helps them develop doing things purposefully and with intention, and they learn about the cause-and-effect relationship (for example; ‘if I kick a ball it will roll away’).

    Secondly, adults play a large role in providing a secure base and safe haven for their little ones. This means providing children with reassurance and support in case of worry, or uncertainty (i.e. a safe haven).  At the same time they offer a secure ground from which children can explore activities and challenges and then go back to the adult for reassurance (i.e. secure base).

    The Circle of Security is part of children’s attachment relationship with the adult, which is observable from 6 months of life.  Attachment relates to a reciprocal, enduring, affective bond between a child and important others. There are two main types, which are secure and insecure attachment, and while secure attachment means a healthy and nurturing relationship, insecure relationship lacks nurturance and adults’ responsiveness to the child’s needs. At Gymboree Play & Music, we strive to assist parents in achieving the development of secure relationships with their child.  Therefore as teachers we strive to involve grown-ups in supporting and being with their child in the class.  Adults’ presence and involvement provides not only security and reassurance, but also motivation and encouragement for the child to try new challenges out on the Play Floor and show their adult how good they can perform (i.e., ‘Look at me how well I can do this!’).

    Of course, there are other reasons, but these are some of the most important reasons why adults’ presence is crucial in Gymboree Play & Music classes.





  • Gymboree Play & Music and Piccolo Team Up!

    Gymboree Play & Music and Piccolo Team Up!20. October 2017

    Big News!!! We are very excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Piccolo, the organic, Mediterranean, baby food brand that has taken babies taste buds by storm.

    We all know that a healthy baby needs the very best nourishment, as well as plenty of cognitive developing and confidence inspiring activities. Get that balance right, plus plenty of love and you’re well on your way to give your little one a golden start in life. With healthy yummy food and plenty of Gymboree Play and Music activities, it’s a match made in heaven – help your little one refuel with a nutritious Piccolo pouch, whether it’s before or after playtime. That’s why we are partnering with Piccolo to give parents an extra treat when they come to your centres and classes.

    Across the UK and Europe, award-winning company, Piccolo, is shaking up the baby food world with its delicious Mediterranean inspired family recipes and 100% organic ingredients. Launched in 2016, Piccolo is the fastest growing baby food company in the UK.  They are passionate about children enjoying the healthiest and most nutritious food from the very start of their weaning journey, and so have created an unrivaled range to help encourage baby’s taste buds to learn flavour from natural means and promote a lifetime of healthy eating. So, it is very exciting that Piccolo will be providing plenty of samples at every single Gymboree class!

    To find out more about Piccolo, check out their website: www.mylittlepiccolo.com

    Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from Piccolo and Gymboree Play and Music!

  • Gymboree classes win the Little London Awards 2017!

    Gymboree classes win the Little London Awards 2017!19. October 2017

    Gymboree Play & Music UK were delighted to win the “Best Kids’ Club, Group or Class” category at the Little London Awards last night. We were also delighted to be runner-up in the  Best Children’s Toy category with our world famous Gymboree Bubble Ooodles. The awards are voted for by parents, and we’d like to thank all the parents that voted for us.

    The Little London Awards were created to champion excellence in pregnancy, baby and children’s brands. Now in their third year, the Awards have swiftly become the most respected and relevant Awards in the industry. For more information about the awards visit Little London Awards


  • Annual Conference 2017, Bristol

    Annual Conference 2017, Bristol7. October 2017

    Gymboree Play & Music franchisee gathered together this year in Bristol to reflect, learn, re-focus, recognise success and leave re-energised. It was a wonderful day that recognised franchisees from Edinburgh, Warwick and East Dulwich with Star Awards and saw Docklands, Kensington & Chelsea, East Dulwich, Sevenoaks, Islington, St Albans, Surbiton, Wimbledon and Jersey being recognised for their contribution to the Gymboree Play & Music family.