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Looking for things to do with children in Hertfordshire?


Celebrating 40 years of Gymboree Play & Music

…40 year’s young and we’ve only just begun…

Here at Gymboree Play & Music St Albans, we run award-winning and fun-filled classes for babies and children from 0-5 years, and are based in a gorgeous brand new site in the centre of St Albans. There is something for every child here at Gymboree Play & Music St Albans! We have a full timetable of Classes and Open Gyms (free-play), with varied options so that you and your little one can make us part of your busy schedule.

Gymboree is a fantastic way to have great fun with your child and encourage learning and development through play. Based around our custom designed equipment, our sessions use music, song, dance and imaginative play to create a wonderful learning experience for all your little ones. You’ll also find that we are more than just a toddler group! Our baby play and toddler classes are structured and you’ll find each activity to be specifically tailored to a developmental goal. All classes are led by highly-trained and enthusiastic teachers.

We offer a FREE TRIAL for any of our classes, call or email us NOW!  01727 831551

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Please download our latest timetable:

Gymboree Play & Music St Albans Timetable 2017

To book a FREE TRIAL, please call us on 01727 831 551 or at



Party deposit needs to be paid for before 31st December 2017. Party can be anytime!



Classes are offered to pre-mobile babies and are suitable from newborn to 6 months.  Each session is theme based and is full of exciting sensory exploration using a variety of props, musical instruments, fibre optic light shows, puppet dances, bubbles, parachute play baby signing and more.Using Gymboree’s specially designed apparatus, physical activities are incorporated to help develop balance, co-ordination, and neck and upper body strength.


Our Gymboree Play & Learn classes are developmentally appropriate classes featuring lots of fun activities, fantastic equipment, songs, bubbles, parachute play and much more.These classes are 45 minutes in length and will help your child build strength, balance, co-ordination,social and early language skills and are suitable for mobile babies to age 5.


Inspire your child’s imagination and self-expression with a world of hands-on art activities. Through painting, printing, sculpture, drawing, collage, dramatic play and more, our art classes encourage confidence and support artistic potential.  Take home two finished art masterpieces each week.


 Enhance your child’s development and love of music through song, dance, movement games and instruments. Our Music classes are high energy and full of life, allowing children to express themselves freely and to move about when the mood strikes! A new musical style is explored every three weeks – from African to Classical, Jazz and Disco, R&B to Asia – introducing children to a variety of new sounds and rhythms from all over the world, from past to present!


 Develop your child’s love of music, dance and drama with our weekly drop-off classes for 3-5 year olds. These classes are seen as a way to develop control, coordination, poise, expression of feelings, expression of moods, expression of ideas and response to music. Our Theatre Arts programme develops all of these important skills and in doing so promotes independence and school readiness…Plus you get to watch your child in regular live performances with sets, costumes and props all made by them!


 Is a FREE session that you can attend as many times as you like to throughout the week.This is offered to active Gymboree members only. Open gym sessions are on various times throughout the week to suit all.

Turn your child’s special day into an unforgettable birthday celebration… Come and join the fun at Gymboree St Albans!

Voted UK’s “Best Children’s Party Entertainment” in 2013, 2012, 2011 and 2009.

Our dedicated teachers will create a unique and fun-filled party for you and your guests. Your magical party will include music and dancing, stories and adventures, bubbles and singing, and parents and children will have a fantastic time playing together at our beautiful site.

Choose from a range of exciting themes including Baby’s First Birthday, Farmyard Fun, Ocean Adventure, Trains & Planes, Princesses & Super Heroes, Dinosaur Adventures, Jungle Safari and many more. All parties are completely tailor-made and can be catered for your child’s age and interests.

Let us help you have a stress-free and wonderful day to remember. You bring the food (finger food & drinks) while we provide everything from invitations, to paper plates, cups and napkins, to balloons and party bags.

We also run Parties on the Go meaning we can come to your house and provide all party activities and fun with our own props.

Parties are held on Saturdays and Sundays

St Albans Party Leaflet

Contact us on 01727 831 551 or for more information!



Just a quick note to say thank you so much for Elise's party this afternoon. Everyone had such a lovely time. Thanks for making the day extra special, it was just lovely!!

-           Joubert Family

Thank you so much for helping William have such a great 2nd birthday party! Everyone had a great time and really enjoyed the class as well as the free play. Thank you for making it so special!

-           Roberts Family

A big thank you for my wonderful pirate party which all of my friends and I really enjoyed!

-          Aidan, 3 years old

Thomas and all his friends really enjoyed his party last week – Thank you! It was the perfect venue for his 1st birthday celebrations!

-          Thomas Family

 Just a small note to say a big thank you for organising and managing my birthday party. I had a really good day! Mummy and Daddy would also like to say a big thank you!

-          Rishi, 2 years old

Have your say, we would love to hear your feedback!

Gymbo Listens

Gymboree Play & Music St Albans News!

40 Years Young & Still Having Fun!


  • Gymboree Play & Music St Albans teams up with local clothing brand Tommy & Lottie

    10. November 2017

    Tommy and Lottie, owned by local mum Katie is an online, UK based baby boutique and lifestyle brand, specialising in modern, unisex baby clothing.

    From hareem pants to top knot hats; Katie has your little ones clothing needs sorted for a Gymboree Play & Music class with her movable, breathable clothing range.

    Katie also offers prints for all around the house with designs that appeal to both children and adults.

    Get 10% off and FREE UK delivery with the code fun when ordering online.


  • Receptive Vs Expressive learning in Music

    10. November 2017

    By Stephanie Gross, Director Gymboree Play & Music St Albans

    The first time you see your little one react to sound is mesmerising. Then the questions start: will they like rock music like daddy or pure 80’s like mummy? Where better to find out than a Gymboree Play & Music, music class!

    People often ask “how do you teach music to a baby when they can’t even talk yet?” Well, here’s your answermusic is the foundation of cognitive learning in babies. Singing regularly helps build your little one’s vocabulary, listening and concentration skills long before they actually understand it’s relevance.

    Receptive, meaning the ability to learn is compulsory for little ones to then become expressive; meaning the ability to communicate. If we think of our little ones as a sponge, they soak up all our love, attention and information and when they’re full it comes flowing out for you to see.

    For example: Our little ones may place a maraca in their mouth to begin with, realise it doesn’t fit or taste too nice before starting to explore the instrument in other ways. What a lovely feeling it is when they finally become expressive by clapping for the first time, banging on a drum, making a high-pitched sound or even starting to dance!

    Gymboree Play & Music’s receptive vs expressive concepts of music allow each child to Sing, Move, Listen, Play and Create freely throughout the class. These 5 key experiences outlined by M.E.N.C (Music Educator’s National Conference) are the hallmark of high quality, early childhood music programming. Gymboree Play & Music’s purpose is to nurture expressive musical skills by immersing little ones in the language of music.

    Let’s all try singing row your boat together- will your little one anticipate the ending and let out a scream? What about Twinkle Twinkle – is your little one in admiration listening to your voice or trying to get their fingers moving like yours?

    It may take time for your little ones to be expressive but it’s definitely worth the wait!


    Did you know most nursery rhymes start on a C note? That’s no coincidence! Not only does it help your little one indirectly understand pitch, rhythm and beat- it also offers them the opportunity to learn language and mathematical skills too.

    Did you know music is linked to memories and some children can recognise songs that were played to them while in the womb for up to the first year of their lives!

  • How to do Art in the Early Years, without Getting Messy!

    10. November 2017

    By Holly Edlin, Head Teacher at Gymboree Play & Music St Albans.

    As a child, as you were once too, I loved playing in mud, jumping in streams, drawing on walls and potato printing. Now that I am older I have fallen in love with the awe experienced by children as they create using new materials and medium they may have never experienced before. Art classes at Gymboree Play & Music St Albans are different because you get to experience that fun by their side, and not only are they learning but we as adults learn to understand how children use art to process, explore and experiment.

    Art is a great way to work on language development, and not just through the pre-writing skills of holding a crayon and scribbling. Asking open ended questions can lead to further perceptive and expressive thought whilst your child is thinking about their answers. Next time your child picks up a yellow pencil, change your question from ‘Are you going to draw a banana?’ to ‘What are you going to draw?’

    Gymboree Play & Music Art classes are primarily based on ‘The Habits of Mind’ Theory first described by Arthur Costa and Bena Kallick. Our Art philosophy is about focusing on the process of making visual art, through perception, reflection, expression and conception: where a child will be encouraged to be free and visit each process as and when they need. Our Art classes are all about each child having their own vision and creativity to explore, and every outcome being celebrated!

    A great way to show how you value their vision is by displaying it: no matter what it looks like! Praise is a hugely beneficial way to build confidence, not only in their art work but in real life too. Throughout a Gymboree Play & Music Art class I’m always congratulating each child and pointing out each other’s efforts too. As each child’s perception and conception will vary, each of their efforts must be valued and in showing how we as adults are embracing differences they are also learning an even bigger lesson.

    I understand the worry of doing art at home – no matter how much newspaper you put down, somehow sticky hand prints are going to end up on the cream upholstery. A Gymboree Play & Music Art class is a safe place for your child to get covered in shaving foam and green poster paint: we’ve got wipe-able floors and chairs, a bucket of water for emergencies and plenty of wet wipes to go around!

    Here are my top tips for attending for first Gymboree Play & Music Art class:

    • Don’t wear your new white jeans!
    • Dress your child in something old
    • Encourage and praise
    • Ask open ended questions about their work
    • Point out great things in other children’s art work to your child
    • Display your child’s art
    • Take a step back and see what they can do
  • Gymboree Play & Music St Albans joins forces with MUSH

    10. November 2017

    With the staggering news that more than half of new mums leave the house less than twice a week, Mush have decided to take action by renaming Monday 20th November “Mumday” and empowering thousands of mums to get out, have a good time and make new friends.
    On Mumday, we’ll be doing our best to brighten up this gloomy time of year by simultaneously hosting hundreds of events (“mush-ups”!) around the country and Gymboree Play & Music St Albans are proud to be involved!
    Come along at 3:30pm with your under 5 year olds to have a play and a chat for free!

    *We asked 500 new mums how frequently they left the house with their baby. Only 16% said every day, 33% a few times a week, 31% once or twice a week and 20% less than weekly.
    **Of 500 new mums, 26% said meeting up with mum friends ultimately boosted their confidence about getting out of the house,

  • Gymboree Play & Music and Piccolo Team Up!

    Gymboree Play & Music and Piccolo Team Up!20. October 2017

    Big News!!! We are very excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Piccolo, the organic, Mediterranean, baby food brand that has taken babies taste buds by storm.

    We all know that a healthy baby needs the very best nourishment, as well as plenty of cognitive developing and confidence inspiring activities. Get that balance right, plus plenty of love and you’re well on your way to give your little one a golden start in life. With healthy yummy food and plenty of Gymboree Play and Music activities, it’s a match made in heaven – help your little one refuel with a nutritious Piccolo pouch, whether it’s before or after playtime. That’s why we are partnering with Piccolo to give parents an extra treat when they come to your centres and classes.

    Across the UK and Europe, award-winning company, Piccolo, is shaking up the baby food world with its delicious Mediterranean inspired family recipes and 100% organic ingredients. Launched in 2016, Piccolo is the fastest growing baby food company in the UK.  They are passionate about children enjoying the healthiest and most nutritious food from the very start of their weaning journey, and so have created an unrivaled range to help encourage baby’s taste buds to learn flavour from natural means and promote a lifetime of healthy eating. So, it is very exciting that Piccolo will be providing plenty of samples at every single Gymboree class!

    To find out more about Piccolo, check out their website:

    Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from Piccolo and Gymboree Play and Music!

  • Gymboree classes win the Little London Awards 2017!

    Gymboree classes win the Little London Awards 2017!19. October 2017

    Gymboree Play & Music UK were delighted to win the “Best Kids’ Club, Group or Class” category at the Little London Awards last night. We were also delighted to be runner-up in the  Best Children’s Toy category with our world famous Gymboree Bubble Ooodles. The awards are voted for by parents, and we’d like to thank all the parents that voted for us.

    The Little London Awards were created to champion excellence in pregnancy, baby and children’s brands. Now in their third year, the Awards have swiftly become the most respected and relevant Awards in the industry. For more information about the awards visit Little London Awards


  • Annual Conference 2017, Bristol

    Annual Conference 2017, Bristol7. October 2017

    Gymboree Play & Music franchisee gathered together this year in Bristol to reflect, learn, re-focus, recognise success and leave re-energised. It was a wonderful day that recognised franchisees from Edinburgh, Warwick and East Dulwich with Star Awards and saw Docklands, Kensington & Chelsea, East Dulwich, Sevenoaks, Islington, St Albans, Surbiton, Wimbledon and Jersey being recognised for their contribution to the Gymboree Play & Music family.








Steph, Originally from Essex studied Theatre Direction and owns a Theatre Company with a friend based in North London. Steph always knew she wanted to work with children so became a qualified Montessori Teacher specialising in child development from birth – seven years.

Steph started working at Gymboree Play & Music St Albans back in January 2012 when it opened and can’t believe how far she has come in just a short few years! In 2013 Steph was voted Semi-Finalist for “What’s on 4 little ones” prestigious award ‘Most Outstanding Activity Leader for the under 5’s (South)’.

Steph says “Gymboree for me is a safe, fun and educational environment that both children and adults can enjoy together – Gymboree isn’t a job for me, it’s exploring a child’s unique abilities with their grownup whilst having fun!”

If you would like to contact steph directly please email her on

“We had a fantastic class today with Steph – She is a great teacher and really understands what my children need”

“My child really enjoys it at Gymboree. He really enjoys working with Steph. He thinks she’s fab!”


Head Teacher


Holly got her BA in Illustration in 2011, However she felt like she wanted to do something more meaningful so took a plane to China and never looked back!

After 3 years of teaching English Holly met a lot of wonderful people, experienced completely different cultures and gained so much from the variety of class sizes, ages and abilities she had the privilege of teaching but decided it was time to come back home. Gymboree combined everything she loves about life: teaching, music, singing, creativity, team work and turning learning into play.

“Holly is our teacher and she needs some recognition for just how great her classes are, she has so much enthusiasm and we can’t recommend her enough”


Play & Music Teacher/ Administrator


Emma loves singing, so working at Gymboree is the perfect job for her!

Emma studied Musical Theatre Performance at Arts1 School of Performance in Milton Keynes and has always enjoyed performing, particularly acting.

She loves listening to music and going to concerts in her spare time. She is also a huge Disney fan and regularly goes to Disneyland Paris!

“You’re already doing a great job Emma” 


Play & Learn Teacher/ Party Leader

Rio, originally from south London is currently in her third year at Hertfordshire University. Rio is studying psychology and wants to pursue a career with children using her degree.

Rio is part of a spoken word group and enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

“A great ‘class’ of organised play, very engaging with kids of a variety of ages and great fun throughout. Couldn’t fault her as ever”.

Current Vacancies:

Are you enthusiastic and dynamic? Would you enjoy singing and leading a group of children and their parents in fun but purposeful activities?
Perhaps a career with Gymboree Play & Music St Albans is for you!
We are currently looking for a WEEKEND Play & Music / Party Leader teacher
Contact us today for more information 01727 831551


Our 5-week Messy Play course will introduce your little one to all of the senses through a mixture homemade, edible, non-toxic and hypoallergenic products.


Our Messy Play course is stress free for you and there’s NO clean up – plus, you even get to take home a pressed painting of your little ones creation’s each week.

Please contact us today to register your interest for the next course!
01727 831551


We offer a chance for 3 to 6 year old’s to develop confidence, self expression and concentration by using Drama, Singing, Dancing and Art.  Plus, you get to enjoy watching your child in regular live performances!



In both Key Stages 1 and 2 of the UK Schools’ National Curriculum, music, dance and drama are seen as a way to develop control, coordination, poise, expression of feelings, expression of moods, expression of ideas and response to music. Our Theatre Arts programme develops all of these important skills and in doing so promotes independence and school readiness.


01727 831551




Baby Massage in St Albans (IAIM)


We are passionate about the importance of touch and bonding with your baby and massage is a great way to introduce this to you both! Research shows that the first 1000 days of a child’s life are highly influential on their life-long mental health, and we want to help you along that crucial journey. Our Baby Massage course consists of 6 sessions each lasting 1 hour in our beautiful baby lounge.

We invite babies (under 1 year) and their parents along to learn all about the importance of touch and hope you will use this course as an opportunity to bond with your baby whilst learning and practicing the different massage strokes with our fully qualified IAIM instructor Steph.


Please contact to reserve your space!

To learn more about Infant massage please follow this link!


As the global leader in classes for children under 5, Gymboree has a wealth of expertise that we can bring to your nursery or pre-school. Choose from the classes listed below, or contact us to create a bespoke programme to suit your needs.

Play & Learn Sessions

Fun and high energy sessions featuring movement and physical activities and the use of music, props and select pieces of apparatus.

Level 1: Babies
Level 2:  Toddlers
Level 3:  Pre-schoolers

Music & Dance Sessions

Musical expression made fun with exciting sessions filled with song, dance and hands-on instrument exploration.

Level 1: Toddlers
Level 2: Pre-schoolers

Art Sessions

Theme-based, mixed-media art sessions featuring collage, sculpture, painting, drawing and much more.  Children take home two masterpieces from each Art session!

Level 1:  18 months to 2½  years
Level 2:  2 ½ -4 years

St Albans On The Go Brochure

For more information or to book a demonstration at your setting please call us on 01727 831551 or email

Here are just a few of the wonderful things people say about Gymboree St Albans!

“Lots of energy and very good at engaging with each child”.

“My son has enjoyed his 3 years at Gymboree and it has been lovely to see him develop into an active child with a vivid imagination. He shares what he has been doing at Gymboree with his Dad at home and often role plays based upon the activities in the classes. Now he is ready to move on as he begins school in September”.

“The staff are amazing – Holly is so enthusiastic and a real credit to the team”.

“We held our daughter’s birthday party there and it was an absolute pleasure. The staff were amazing, great fun, and the children really enjoyed themselves. Our daughter was made to feel very special and she loved every minute especially because she was a member of Gymboree St Albans since she was a baby. Steph and her team of Kelsey and Niamh are fantastic!”

“The classes are really well led and I can see my child developing through them. I would want to give particular mention to the energy and enthusiasm provided by Steph and Holly who led most of the classes we attend. They have been excellent and my daughter responds to them both as they are so engaging”. 

                                                                                             Have your say here 


Come along to Gymboree St Albans this year and join us in celebrating 40 years of Gymboree Play & Music!

Gymboree: 40 Years Young & Still Having Fun!

December 2017


Join Gymbo and friends on Friday 15th December from 4:15pm for our annual Christmas party!

*Food & Drink, Fun & Games, Gymbo the clown, Christmas Choir, Father Christmas and SO MUCH MORE*

All money raised will going to the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity!

£5 per child with each receiving a present! Please book your tickets now as spaces are limited!

November 2017


Help Gymbo the clown raise money for Children In Need with a party dedicated to SPOTS and DOTS!

Friday 17th November 4:15-5:30pm

All invited so please bring your friends!
All money raised will be going to Children In Need



We are very excited to announce that over the coming year we will be supporting The Rainbow Trust, hosting numerous events, parties and activities to help raise money for this wonderful charity!

Have a look at their website to find out about how they support families in the UK.

Gymboree St Albans will be aiming to raise £1,000 for the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity

Donate on our just giving page: Gymboree UK Rainbow Trust Giving Page

rainbow trust



All your questions answered here!

What is ‘Play and Learn’?

Play and Learn is Gymboree’s signature, equipment-focused, physical and cognitive, child development programme; offering a wide range of classes for little ones aged 0 – 5 years. Each class is structured and teacher-led, with themes designed to support the growth of children throughout those early developmental stages.

Each theme is developmentally appropriate according to that age group, with each class an exciting fun-filled adventure, and all of this with the help of our amazing purpose-built equipment and props. Fun to be had by all!

How does membership work?

Everyone is entitled to one free trial, to see how you get on in the session and whether its right for you and your little one – There is absolutely no obligation to then join a class after.

Should you wish to join us after your free trial, you will be asked to sign our Gymboree agreement which states that we ask you to sign up for a minimum of 2 months, with a 1 month cancellation policy; notifying us of your request to cancel your membership in writing.

How do I pay for classes?

Gymboree St Albans works on a monthly direct debit as we are open all year round!

Membership is on a rolling contract of either £33.50 for Sensory Baby Play class or £39.50 for Play and Learn – Levels 2 to 6. This allows you one teacher-led class per week and unlimited access to Open Gym sessions, which are completely free of charge.

Do you offer Pay As You Go?

Unfortunately not, access to classes and our free play, Open Gym sessions is by membership only, which is on a monthly rolling contract, by direct debit.

What is a ‘Freeze’ of membership?

A freeze of membership allows you to take a break from Gymboree for any amount of time. With one month’s notice a freeze of membership suspends your payments and classes until you are ready to come back.

What is a ‘Makeup’ Class’?

When your little one has missed a class you are entitled to book a makeup class; this class can be booked into any class (age appropriate) with space. You have four weeks to book in this makeup class or it becomes void.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer a number of discounts for twins/siblings and second or third classes – please check our timetable or call us on 01727 831551 for more information.

What is Open Gym?

As members, you will have unlimited access to Open Gym sessions at various times throughout each week; allowing you free play with the use of our specialised props and patented apparatus. There is no obligation to attend these sessions nor is there any extra charge, should you attend. Its an added bonus to being a member with us – You can do as many or as little as you wish, every week.

Do you have parking?

Unfortunately not however, if travelling by car there are a few parking spaces on Upper Marlborough Road which are free for 1 hour between 10am and 4pm. Alternatively there is also pay & display parking on Bricket Road, Clifton Street and Essex Street. All of these are round the corner from Gymboree and no more than a one minute walk away.

Why do i need socks but my child is bare foot?

We kindly ask that adults are in socks during classes for hygiene reasons, we then ask that children have bare feet due to health and safety.

What do I do with my buggy?

We have lots of space inside for buggies and an over flow buggy park just outside our front door, although If you can collapse your buggy or leave it at home/ in the car that would be greatly appreciated!

What do I need to do if I want to book a free trial?

There lots of ways to get in touch with us!

You can fill out a form at the top of this page, you can call us on 01727 831551 or drop us an email you can even pop in and say hello!


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us



All By Mama

Gymboree Play & Music UK are now partnered with the fantastic All By Mama! Get 10% off your order at the checkout with the code: Gymboree

Happy Shopping!



Sleep Time Baby

Kate, proud Mum to Lyla and Sam had big problems with both of their sleeping! As a certified sleep consultant Kate is here to help families with sleep issues for children of all ages.

If you feel like you need any help or just want to chat through it, give Kate a call for a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation.

Call on 07748677908 or e-mail



Peddling Pizza

Adam, a local dad has been chasing his dream and has finally made it – Pedal Powered Pizzeria!

Neapolitan style, homemade – hand stretched, stone baked AWESOME pizza!

If you would like to hire Peddling Pizza for ANY event then get in touch 07971081189




Tommy & Lottie

Tommy and Lottie, owned by local mum Katie is an online, UK based baby boutique and lifestyle brand, specialising in modern, unisex baby clothing.

Get 10% off and FREE UK delivery with the code fun when ordering online.